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Eclipse- Dreams Interpretation

eclipse Dreams 04Even if an eclipse looks beautiful to a lot of people, it surely isn’t. It affects you and all the other individuals living around you. There are a lot of changes caused due to eclipse and the worst part is, most of the times, it depresses people.
When you dream of an eclipse, even if you seem happy about everything in the dream, there is an unknown fear in your heart. Eclipse brings in a lot of changes in the life of the dreamer; however, nobody knows whether these changes are positive or negative.
There is a constant depression in the heart of the dreamer, who dreams of an eclipse. He fears losing the person he loves, he fears losing a loved one, who has been ill from a long time, he fears failing in his exam or failing in something that he is trying his best to achieve.
When a dreamer sees an eclipse, it is essential for him to find out the reason behind such a dream. He himself can answer about his depression. If he is depressed or sad about something, he is bound to get such a dream, repeatedly.eclipse Dreams 03

An eclipse stands for depression, sadness, changes, endings, new beginnings, positive energies, hopes, break-ups and opportunities.
While most of the eclipse dreams are sad and depressing, if you see the corona of the eclipse, you are bound to get some positive news in life. Such a dream depicts that your bad times are over. You may have been dwelling in different emotions since quite some time now, but it is time for you to put an end to all of your sorrows because the corona is an indication of hope.
Seeing an eclipse in a dream also means keeping high hopes on something that has no future.eclipse Dreams 02

Most Common Eclipse Dreams:
· Complete eclipse – Such a dream is an indication of constant depression in the dreamer’s life. Try pulling yourself out of your sadness in your waking life.
· Feeling happy about the eclipse – If you are happy to see the eclipse, you are holding on to something that has ended long ago.
· Crying in eclipse – If you dream of crying in eclipse, you are going through the worst part of your life.

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