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Elf- Dreams Interpretation

elf Dreams 01An elf is the one who serves Santa and helps in preparing gifts for the kids during Christmas… or so it is said. Although they are mere fictional characters, some of them are said to be intellectual, whereas there are others that are said to be dumb and annoying.
To interpret the dream of an elf, you must remember what kind of an elf you see in your dream. If you see an annoying elf and you are trying all the possible ways to get rid of him, it indicates the problems that you are going through at present, in your waking life. Some of the problems are so grave that they have started annoying you, instead of depressing you. You are loaded with unwanted responsibilities.
On the other hand, if you dream of an amazing and intellectual elf, you are going to meet someone really good in your life. This person, despite the gender and age, will help and support you in everything you do in your life. You won’t need anyone else, if you’ll have him around.
Since an elf is a fictional character, he may also represent the problems that you have created on your own. Symbolism: An elf represents festivity, problems, annoying people, intellectual minds, foes and health.
If you dream of a laughing elf, it indicates the laughter of your enemy. You have either failed or will fail because of your enemy. If you are going through a bad time because of some sort of a failure, this has not happened because of you; one of your enemies has done something to stop your success.
If you dream of a perfectly healthy and happy elf, who doesn’t scare or annoy you away, you are going to recover from your illness and be healthy, once again.elf Dreams 02

Most Common Elf Dreams:
• Playing with an elf – If you dream of playing with an elf, you are going to be blessed with a baby.
• Being chased by an elf – If you dream of being chased by a scary elf, you are going to meet one of your enemies very soon.
• Seeing yourself as an elf – If you dream of seeing yourself as a rude and ruthless elf, you are surely annoying someone, unknowingly, in your waking life.

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