This Emotional Short Film About A Breakup Is A Balm For All The Broken Hearts Out There

Break ups. They are hard. You fall for someone, get to know them, feel proud about their strengths, learn to adore their shortcomings, feel alive in every moment you spend with them, involve yourself in them more than ever, reach a point where you’d do anything for them.

Then one fine day, you start finding yourself asking questions, doubting them, intimidated by their strengths, angry at their shortcomings, die a little every time you fight, so much so that you stop caring and are ready to hurt each other and in the end, yourself.

This short film uploaded by Pocket Films – Indian Short Films, are the musings of one such person who fell in and out of love and became someone’s “somebody I used to know”.

Hope you Liked it. Don’t Forget to Share it with Your Friends and Family 🙂

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