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8 Must Have Equipment for Home Gym Setup

There is no doubt, workout at home with your own gym equipment has some serious advantages. No gym membership required. No need to keep track of travel time to and from the gym, you no longer have to pack your bags and you can explode your favorite workout music without headphones. And for many people, home is also a free-pressure zone for exercise.

These equipment for home gym are just perfect and can help you sweat at home. Pick and choose from our curated list of gear (weights, TRX bands, yoga mats, and more) to create a home gym that works for you.

1. Jumping rope

There are many ways to squeeze in cardio without any big equipment. A jump rope is a fun way to come back to get your heart rate up and running fast. According to one study, a 10-min of jumping ropes can be equal to 30 minutes of jogging. Also, jumping rope works on your arms, shoulders, core, and legs. We like Burnlab Adjustable Skipping Rope because of its 360 degree swivel system. It is very well optimized for building and maintaining speed. And the best part is that the length of the rope is adjustable accordingly. So, grab one for yourself to boost your stamina!

2. Resistance Bands

This tiny tool can simply up you home workout game and gives you the toned body. These powerful bands are versatile and fun to use too. They are useful for stabilizing and balancing muscle imbalances and for developing muscle endurance and train the muscles under longer strain. These Latex Resistance Bands are just perfect for lower-body exercises. Try some glute bridges, side squats and other exercises with bands around the ankles or below the knee.

3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great tool for building your strength training arsenal.
They allow for a lot of variety in your workouts and also have some significant benefits. If you want to start training at home, you can’t go wrong with an adjustable set of dumbbells which is suitable for everybody. Dumbbells are great resistance training tools because they come in many sizes, shapes and weights and allow you to train your whole body. You can also increase the intensity of dumbbell exercises without changing weight by doing more reps or sets by adjusting the speed.

4. Yoga and Exercise Mat

From my personal experiences, I am telling you that a good exercise or yoga mat makes floor exercises more comfortable, whether you do sit-ups on your back or push your knees. Look for a thicker mat for more cushioning, especially if you are practicing on a hard floor. Also, using a mat is a great way to make sure you have at least one rectangle of space allotted for your workout. You can also take your mat to the garden or the beach to train out.

5. Full Length Mirror

Gyms are for fitness, so there needs to be a metric to measure your progress towards your goal. So it makes it necessary to have a full length mirror in your home gym. Having mirrors in home gyms motivates you, pushes you towards your goal, and will surely show you your progress better than anyone else. Also, if you’re doing a wrong pose, you can do it right in time because psychology says people love to look at themselves.

6. Stability Ball

While stability balls aren’t exactly compact gym equipment, they are a big plus especially if you like doing Pilates or yoga at home. They are also a great way to train your abs because they test your stability. Here’s a four-motion stability ball workout that hits your core from all angles.

7. Kettlebell

Kettlebells are more versatile equipment than you might think and are great for training muscles and increasing heart rate. You can do traditional kettlebell exercises like kettlebell swings or Turkish get-ups, and you can even add them to traditional strength training to change them. For example, you can do a goblet squat with a kettlebell or lunge while walking, putting the kettlebell under your front leg each time you step forward.

8. Treadmills

Walking or running on a treadmill is a great source of exercise that puts less stress on the body than walking or running on a flat surface outside. Treadmills also offer the possibility of careful monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure for patients suffering from these problems. Treadmills are the best exercise machines for people who are starting their fitness journey because they are easy to use and put less stress on the body than many types of workouts.

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