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evening Dreams 03Dreaming of an evening is not a very common thing; there are only a handful of people that dream of evening. Before we interpret this sort of a dream, it is necessary for you to know what evening means to you.
While most of the people feel terribly tired and sad during evenings, there are others that feel bright and energetic, right from the time the sun begins with its journey to drown into the lake, allowing the moon to replace its presence.
If you are an evening bird, this dream is surely a positive one for you. If you dream of being happy, sipping tea or coffee in the evening, you are going to be blessed with positive energies to help you complete your current tasks or projects.
On the other hand, for most of those who dislike evenings, dreaming of an evening can be a bad one. If you don’t like the energies around you post sunset, it is time for you to prepare yourself for some terrible news, if you dream of lingering around in the evening.
Evenings are also romantic, to some people. Therefore, such dreams may represent your romantic side as well.

Symbolism:evening Dreams 02
Evening represents farewells, sunset, rise of the moon, new energies (both positive as well as negatives), twilight, calmness and getting back to shelter.
If you dream of being sad in the evening, you are going to go through a hard time in life. If you dream of watching the sunset, the period of sadness may be an elongated one, or till the time you see the dream of sunrise (indicating hopes)
If you dream of walking in the evening with your partner, your relationship may go through a bad time, especially if the evening in the dream seems to be a very romantic one.evening Dreams 04

Most Common Evening Dreams:
• Watching the sunset – If you dream of watching the sunset, pay attention to your situations in the waking life. It is an indication of change. If you are happy in the waking life, you may go through a sad time and vice versa.
• Walking alone in the evening – Such a dream indicates loss of hopes.
• Resting in the evening – If you dream of resting in the evening, under a shelter, you are missing your home (not the one that you are currently living in) in your waking life.

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