People Wear Watch on Their Left Hand For The Very Obvious Reason You Didn’t Ever Noticed…

Have you ever wondered this question? I guess not, because if you did, you would have searched about this on the internet.

Don’t worry; I’m here to solve your query. Talking about watches, there were times before the smartwatch market emerged, people thought wearing them is old school. They preferred pulling out their cellphone from the pocket and looking at the time rather than looking at a watch for the time.


Though after smart watches had conquered the world, watches came in trend once again and now people are willing to pay around $300 for a smart watch.

Well, just read ahead to know the answer to your question (Why we wear the watch on the left hand?).

Earlier in the times when pocket watches were prevalent, people used to put them in their left pockets.


For those who have never heard of a pocket watch, this is how it used to look like.


Then, one day someone wore it on the wrist and the trend of wrist watches started.


But, why do people generally wear it on the left hand?


The wearing of watch on the left wrist has practical advantages. Most people are right-handed and while working with the right hand (writing, etc.), the time in the watch on the left hand can be easily seen. Because of lesser movement of the left hand, damage to the watch is also minimized.


Even most working women wear the watch on the left wrist. It is only at parties or at times when the right hand is not required to do much work, women wear it on their right wrist as a fashion statement.

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