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How to Export CSV to VCF with Exact Details?

Summary: Still looking for a solution to export CSV to VCF? Till now, you don’t know the best way to export contacts from Excel to vCard? If yes, then you are on the right page. In this write-up, I will discuss about the methods by which you can export CSV to VCF format without losing your valuable information.

Looking for the best CSV to VCF Converter? Want to export CSV to vCard in a secured way? Didn’t find any solution ?

If yes, then don’t worry. Here, we will explain the complete process to migrate contacts from .csv to .vcf using our best tool.

The reason could be anything. Maybe you want to move contacts to your new phone from Excel. But you need to migrate contacts from CSV to vCard as CSV is only supported by MS Excel. In order to access contacts to any mobile device you need to export from CSV to vCard. 

Move Contacts from CSV to vCard Manually 

Yes, it is possible to transfer contacts from CSV to VCF manually. You can export from CSV to vCard manually by following 3 steps: 

  • Convert Excel to CSV File Format 
  • Import Contacts from CSV File
  • Export Contacts to vCard  

In the above-mentioned method, you many lose the originality of the files. Or it may lead to data loss. Also, the manual method is not suitable if you have 1000s of contacts as it will create a separate .vcf file for each contact and it will be difficult to manage all those contacts. However, to overcome the above issues, you can make use of best Excel to vCard Converter. 

Best Tool to Export CSV to VCF 

Excel to vCard Converter software is developed with advanced features to export CSV to VCF format easily and safely. This CSV to VCF Converter is a one-stop solution to carry out the conversion of any number of CSV contacts to VCF as there are no limitations imposed on the tool. By using the powerful solution, the users can create a single VCF file for all contacts stored in CSV format. The tool enables its users to convert contacts from CSV files to vCard and import the converted files into many different platforms like Android devices, iPhones, and others. Before getting into the steps, download and install CSV to vCard Converter.

Steps to Export CSV to VCF using the tool are as follows: 

Step 1. Run Excel to vCard Converter in your system 

Step 2. Then add CSV file containing contacts by clicking on Browse button. 

export csv to vcf

Step 3. After uploading, you can have a detailed preview of contacts with all fields. 

export csv to vcf

Step 4. Now, you need to map CSV file attributes with VCF by clicking on Add button. Click Next. 

export csv to vcf

Step 5. Here select desired options, set the destination path to save the file and click on Convert button to complete the process. 

export csv to vcf

This is how you can directly export CSV to VCF format using this amazing tool. 

Key Features of Excel to vCard Converter 

Safe conversion of CSV files to VCF 

This CSV to VCF File Converter is a very powerful tool for safe and lightning-fast conversion of CSV files to VCF file format. It allows users to save CSV file in vCard format without losing the data and maintaining the hierarchy of data. This tool keeps all the fields of the contacts like first name, last name, mobile number, address, fax, email address, etc. intact. 

Converts Unlimited Files 

In this advanced CSV to vCard Converter tool, you will get the feature of converting thousands of contacts saved in CSV format. You can very easily export your CSV files to VCF in batch using this tool and it will save all the contacts to a single vCard without making any alteration. 

Preview Facility 

This CSV to VCF Converter provides a detailed preview of the file before starting any conversion. In preview panel, user can view the contacts along with all the details i.e. name, email address, company name, house address, telephone number, etc. This facility helps the user to analyze the data so that he will get an idea about the data he is going to extract. 

Intuitive & Smart UI 

The Excel to VCF Converter Wizard consists of user-friendly and simplified graphical user interface which is very friendly to both professional and non-professional users. One can easily export CSV to CVF following the simple steps. You don’t need any prior technical knowledge or expertise to handle the software. 

No file Size Restrictions 

User can add CSV file of any size for converting it to vCard format. The tool does not impose any kind of restriction on the files size volume. This tool has the capability to migrate large-sized file to VCF format without hanging your system. 

Free Excel to VCF Converter 

If you are not sure to invest the money to buy the tool beforehand, you can try the free CSV to VCF Converter tool. You will get all the same features as in full version but it will allow you to convert all contacts, but will save the email addresses with: contact name and suffix ‘Demo’. Also, while saving the phone numbers, only 8 characters of it will be saved. For full benefits, you have to purchase the pro version of the tool 


In this post, we discussed the simplest method on how to export CSV to VCF without any interruption. So, download Excel to vCard Converter software for Windows and transfer your contacts to your desired device without data loss. 

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