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How to Export Mailbird Contacts to vCard Format?

Introduction: Are you searching for a solution to export Mailbird contacts to vCard or VCF format? If yes, then this is the right blog for you. You can easily move your contacts from Mailbird account to vCard format using Yota Mailbird Migration tool.

vCard file is a Microsoft standard file format to store contact information of people. It is also used in Microsoft Outlook. vCard can store an individual’s name, address, telephone number, email addresses and many other data. This is not just limited to people but also includes organizations and companies. Many companies prefer to use vCard files because they are easy to share with other people as they are supported by number of applications.

Best Tool to Export Mailbird Contacts to VCF format

Yota Mailbird Contact Converter is a reliable and appropriate solution for everyone, who needs to convert Mailbird contacts to vCard or VCF format. It allows you to preserve all the contact details as it is during the backup conversion process. In order to do that, you just need to download the tool from the below link. It is a one-stop solution that will enable you to export contacts from Mailbird folder in a few simple steps.

Steps to Transfer Mailbird Contacts to vCard are as follows:

Step 1. Install Yota Mailbird Migrator on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Click on Open>>Desktop Email Clients>> Mailbird Accounts.

Step 3. Add and Preview the files. Click on Export and select PST as file saving format from the list.

Step 4. Finally set the destination path and hit the Save button to export Mailbird to PST format.

Prime Features of Mailbird Contact Converter Tool

Export Contacts to Multiple Platforms: Mailbird Converter is a software that helps you export your contacts to Outlook, G-Suite, Yahoo, AOL Mail and other popular email services. It has two options that are helpful when you want to export multiple Mailbird mailboxes at once.

Auto Detection Feature: The Mailbird Contacts Converter has many additional capabilities that are not offered by other email to address converter software. This tool offers the option of automatically finding your Mailbird profile, if you have Mailbird configured into your system.

Maintained Data Integrity: Transferring email and contacts to another service can be time-consuming and costly if you need to maintain the same properties of the emails during migration process. That’s why we developed the best method which keeps all properties intact when migrating from Mailbird profile like title, contact number, image, addresses, email, etc.

Easy to Use: Mailbird Contacts Converter is the best solution for both personal use and business purposes. Since it comes with a streamlined design where you can easily see what’s happening on the screen without any manual efforts.

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This blog post has been described all important information to export Mailbird contacts to vCard format by following a few simple steps. The recommended software is available at an affordable price for converting unlimited contacts from Mailbird to VCF file. If you want to test the tool before making any investment, you can download the free version of the tool without any cost.

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