How to Export Thunderbird Address Book to vCard?

Summary: This blog is useful for anyone who needs to export contacts from Thunderbird to vCard or VCF format.
With the growing demand and requirements of clients, many users want to switch from one email service to other. We also saw many users looking for a solution to import multiple contacts from Thunderbird to many other platform. But it is not an easy task because both platforms support different file formats to store their contacts.

Therefore, in most cases, users need to export contacts from Thunderbird to vCard as it is universal format for saving contacts. vCard or VCF file format is supported by android devices, iPhones, Windows based email clients. So, in this blog, we provide you an instant solution to resolve your query on how to import contacts from Thunderbird to vCard format without missing any detail.

How to Export Thunderbird Address Book to vCard

With Thunderbird Contacts Migrator, you can take advantage of the contact migration feature. This application is designed to directly export Thunderbird contacts to VCF or vCard format. The tool has been designed with very simple and intuitive user interface so that no one will face any issue while converting contacts from Thunderbird to CSV, vCard, VCF or PST. You can easily accomplish the task with just few clicks. But first download the tool for free.

Steps to Convert Thunderbird Contacts to vCard are as follows:

Download the software on your Windows computer.

This tool can automatically upload Thunderbird contacts from the default location to the software control panel. Even users can manually upload the file in the software window.

You can now preview your Thunderbird contacts and click Next to continue.

Then select vCard as the storage option.

Select the desired destination path and click the Save button to start the process.

This tool starts by exporting Thunderbird contacts to vCard format. This process will take some time. So please wait. After the conversion is done, open the converted file in your desired device.

Features of Thunderbird to vCard Converter

Automatically load contacts: This is an amazing feature of the utility. If you have already installed Thunderbird in your system, the tool will automatically detect the contacts and load them into the panel. You don’t have to do it manually. However, it is not necessary to install the tool.

Convert unlimited contacts in bulk: Using this Thunderbird to vCard Converter, you will get the multiple features like you can add single or multiple contacts from Thunderbird mailbox. If you have large number of MAB files which contain millions of contacts, then also this tool is capable to handle it in better way.

Convert the selected Contacts file: Sometimes, users just want to export selected contacts from Thunderbird contact files instead of exporting entire folder. This tool is equipped with advanced filters that allow you to save selected files from Thunderbird to VCF format without any extra efforts.

Support Windows operating system: The tool is designed for Windows operating system. That is why users don’t have to worry about any installation related problem. You can easily install it on any version of Windows OS.

Simple and Straightforward tool: The Thunderbird to vCard Exporter is very easy and simple to use. Its self-navigational panel will guide you through each and every step of exporting Thunderbird address book to vCard format. Any new user can also operate the tool with ease.

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After reading the blog above, you will be able to export Thunderbird Address Book to vCard format. Note that certain manual processes can fail in some situations. In that case, try the Thunderbird to vCard Export tool. The vCard file is an universal file for saving and exporting contacts that you can easily import into multiple platforms.

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