How to Export Zoho Mail to PST with Attachments?

Summary: This article guides users on how to export Zoho Mail to PST file using manual and automated solutions.

Zoho Mail is a great email platform that combines an ad-free, clean, minimalist user interface with powerful features for business and professional use. It is a solid professional email service and offers POP and IMAP access, and integration with instant messaging and an online office suite. But Zoho Mail comes with 5 GB of storage only. So many users want to export emails from Zoho Mail to PST.

But due to different platforms, exporting mailbox is always a bit of a hassle, so many times user lost their data in email migration process. So, we have taken a query from the forum website to understand the problem and give you a proper solution to backup Zoho Mail in PST format.

“I’ve been using Zoho Mail for a few years. Recently, my office gave me a project and I have to switch to MS Outlook. Also, I have to move all of my important files to MS Outlook. And since data is crucial so, no data loss is possible. If you have some best possible solution, kindly help me out. Thanks! “

If you are looking for the same query solution, you have definitely landed on the right page. This post has the best solutions to export Zoho Mail to PST format.

How do I Convert Zoho Mail to PST?

You can use manual and professional techniques to export emails from Zoho Mail to PST file format. Manual process is inexpensive but it is quiet risky. Therefore, experts are always looking for an accurate and efficient solution instead of choosing the manual method. This is because, manually, you can export one mailbox file item at a time, which is a very long step. Other than that, you cannot export certain items in your mailbox like attachments, contacts, images, etc.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use best Zoho Backup Tool. With this advanced software, you can export all mailboxes items from Zoho Mail to PST format.

Convert Zoho Mail to PST using the Automated Solution

SysTools Zoho Mail Backup Tool is an advanced software that easily export emails and contacts from Zoho to PST file with no data loss. This utility can instantly export emails, calendars and all folders with ease. Date filter options help users to export Zoho Mail items such as journals, notes, emails, calendars, memos and tasks in a specified date range.

In order to convert Zoho Mail to PST, there is no need to install any other software in order to get the results. After you’ve exported your Zoho mailbox items, the utility will automatically generate an export report that includes information about the exported data. Now let’s get to working steps of migrating emails from Zoho to PST.

Steps to Export Zoho Mail to PST are as follows:

Steps 1. Download and Launch Zoho Mail Backup tool on your Windows PC. Enter your Zoho email account credentials.

Steps 2. Click on Backup option and select PST as email saving format.

Steps 3. Preview your emails and apply filters if required.

Steps 4. Select the destination folder to save the results and hit Start button to backup Zoho Mail.

Key Features of Zoho to PST Conversion Tool

Back up emails in bulk: If you need to back up your Zoho emails, this app can do it. This tool offers batch mode functionality. This option makes it easy to back up emails from multiple folders at the same time. You just need to enter your email address and password information.

Download selected mailbox data: Do you want to back up the selected mailbox from Zoho mailbox? You can do this with this application. You will only see the email folders that you need to back up your data for. This feature is an easy way to save time and effort.

Keep All Email Properties: This is the best tool for exporting emails from Zoho Mail to PST. When downloading an email, the tool retains all email properties. No changes or modifications are made to the original format. You can get reliable and accurate results easily.

Select the desired destination path: You can use this tool to save your files at your own decided place. This feature makes it easy to save the files and manage them like a professional. This option will help you easily access the data whenever it is required. You can also use this tool to change the default language to suit your needs.

Fully Standalone Application: The ultimate solution for importing multiple emails from Zoho Mail to PST format with attachments. This tool does not require a supporting application to backup Zoho Mail. It also successfully supports all editions of Windows like 10, 8.1 and 8.

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The blog above has the best application to migrate Zoho Mail to PST format with attachments. With the above app, you can easily backup Zoho emails to hard drive with all the properties intact.

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