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How to Extract all Attachments from Outlook?

Summary: Do you want to extract attachments from Outlook without missing any data? Now, you don’t have to worry about it because in this blog, we will be discussing the best way to extract all Outlook attachments from multiple files in few clicks only using attachment extractor for Outlook.

Want to extract attachments from multiple emails from Outlook? If yes, then download Outlook Attachments Extractor on your Windows PC. This software is helpful in extracting multiple Outlook attachments in bulk.

Best Automated Solution to Extract Outlook Attachments

Yota Outlook Attachment Extractor is the reliable and trustworthy solution to fetch attachments from Outlook emails in bulk without losing any information. The tool is very much capable in exporting large number of attachment files from Outlook emails in a single process. The tool is very well designed with simple yet advanced coding system that makes the entire process easier and error-free. Download free Outlook Attachment Extractor to evaluate the working of the tool. Now, lets get into the step by step detailed process.

Steps to Extract all Attachments from Outlook 2019 are as follows:

Step 1. Download and run Outlook Attachment Extractor on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Click on the Add Files option and select your desired format and click on Next.

Step 3. Set the desired destination location to save the output results and click on Next.

Step 4. Now, select and apply filters for selected conversion. You can also use naming conventions for saving results.

Step 5. Finally, hit the Extract button to execute the process.

Done! You have successfully extracted all attachments from Outlook emails

Advanced Features of Outlook Attachment Extractor

Batch extraction of attachments: The Outlook Attachment Extractor software offers two options for loading data into the software panel. You can choose between Add File and Add Folder depending on whether the attached files need to be extracted from the Outlook file. The software allows you to extract attachments in bulk for instant conversion.

Extract the embedded files: With this tool, you can accurately extract attached Outlook documents of all file types. You can extract images from Outlook files as image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP in bulk. You can also extract all attachments from Outlook files. The entire extraction process is easy to use.

Extract large files: This Outlook Attachment Extractor tool is a simple and error-free application. During the full processing of extraction of Outlook attachment files, the software extracts multiple Outlook attachments regardless of the file size. It can extract Outlook attachments of any file size from documents in seconds.

Save the extracted attachments in a single folder: This Outlook Attachment Extraction Wizard enables users to extract all Outlook attachments into a separate folder. You can save multiple separate attachment files in a separate folder.

Keep the original format: This versatile utility is specially designed to extract attached Outlook attachments. During the entire extraction process of the Outlook file, the software checks whether the original formatting of the files and folders is preserved. It just extracts all the attachments and doesn’t change the font, text, and images of the target data until the end.

Windows based Utility: This software can be used on all versions of the Windows operating system. Regardless of the Windows platform the user is working on to extract Outlook files, the tool will run on all of them. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and its earlier versions to extract attachments from Outlook documents.

Preview before extraction: Before the user starts extracting the Outlook attachments, they can preview all the data in the Outlook document. It provides an option to select the check boxes whose files the user wants to check out. The number of Outlook documents that will be extracted is displayed in the preview window of the software interface.

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This utility comes with a free trial version that allows exporting 25 items from Outlook emails. Therefore, users can easily check the working process of the tool. After getting complete satisfaction, you can always buy the license key of the attachment extractor for Outlook.

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