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How to Extract Multiple Attachments from MBOX files?

Summary: Would you like to know how to extract multiple attachments from MBOX file? Then you are right here! Here, we will tell you a simple automated tool that can be used to extract attachments from MBOX file without losing the originality of data. The Yota MBOX Attachment Extractor tool can also shows you the preview of files which ensures the data integrity.

Today, MBOX files are the most common file format used by many email clients to store mailbox items such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage, Eudora, and others. In fact, there are some cases where users need to export attachments from MBOX files for further usage. In general, users prefer to use a third-party app that will help them in getting accurate results without any complex process. In the next section you will learn how the tool works and what are its features.

Smart Way to Extract all MBOX Attachments

Yota MBOX Attachment Extractor offers a variety of features that make it easy for users to export all attachments from MBOX. In addition, users can select specific emails / files to extract attachment files from it. The software is fully compatible with all MBOX supported programs. This tool allows you to extract attachment file from MBOX in batch with a single click without losing your data. You can freely extract attachments from 25 emails using its demo version.

Steps to Extract Attachments from MBOX files are as follows:

Step 1. Install and run MBOX Attachment Extractor on your PC.

Step 2. Add MBOX files that contains attachment files by clicking Add Files/Folder option. Tap on Next button.

Step 3. Now select the files and set the desired location to save files.

Step 4. If you want a selective conversion then apply data filters according to your need. Finally hit the Extract button to start the process.

This is how you can successfully extract multiple attachments from MBOX files in few easy steps.

Prime Features of MBOX Attachment Extractor

Safe and Easy: This is the best MBOX Attachment Extractor tool available in the market. This software has a very simple user interface without any risk. Both technical and non-technical users can easily extract all MBOX attachments in few steps.

Using Batch Mode: This feature has been added specifically for large organizations. This option makes it easier to extract multiple attachments from MBOX files at the same time. To do this, you need to select the folder which contains all of your emails with attachments.

Migrate Selected Folders: Do you have a lot of data in different folders? Do you need to do a selective migration? This is possible with this application. With this tool, you can select the specific folders according to your need.

Get accurate results: The tool retains all properties while exporting all MBOX attachment files. No changes or modifications have been made to the original format. In addition, there is no file size limit for the tool. You can easily extract an unlimited number of attachments to your PC.

Stand-alone application: The MBOX Attachment Extractor tool is completely stand-alone. You don’t need to install any supporting applications. You can easily extract multiple MBOX attachments you need without losing any information. The software is also compatible with all older and newer editions of the Windows operating system.

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In this blog we have described the easiest and safest way to extract MBOX attachments using automated tool. This software offers the ability to perform the task without installing any other application on your system. This is a completely stand-alone utility that supports all MBOX compatible email clients. Now you know how to export attachments from MBOX. All you have to do is download the tool and try it out for yourself.

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