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Fair- Dreams Interpretation

Fair dreams 02It doesn’t matter if you are fair or dark in complexion in your waking life, you may dream of being of a completely different skin tone. Sometimes, you may see yourself as a dark person; the other times, you may see yourself as an extremely fair and beautiful person in your dream.
Dreaming of being fair indicates your behavior towards others in your waking life. You are probably being really good to others. Being ‘fair’ also represents your good behavior and kindness towards others in your waking life. Whenever someone needs help, you are always there.
If you are fair in your dream and you roam with your friend, you are really an amazing friend. You have always supported him in everything that he does.
If you dream of having a fair skin tone and flaunting your beauty on the streets, you give importance to the external beauty more than what the individual has inside of him. Try focusing more on how people are from within, rather than getting attracted to what they have on their face.
If you are a darker skinned person and you dream of being fair in your dreams, it indicates you mood as well. You are going to have a better and improved moon in your waking life.fair dreams 04

Fair represents being fair, positive energies, love life, relationships and behavior towards others.
Dreaming of being fair indicates your happiness in life. There’s something positive that’s flourishing around you and you are very well aware of its existence. You really like what’s happening in your life and the new change is being positively taken by you.
If you dream of being fair, it indicates your behavior towards others. You are being good to all those that come to seek your advice as well as support in life.Fair dreams 01

Most Common Fair Dreams:
• Changed color tone – If you dream of an enhanced skin tone, positive changes are happening all around you.
• Someone else changing his color tone – If someone’s dark and you see his color tone enhanced in your dream, it means that one of your enemies may turn into your friend.
• Applying make-up to appear fair – If you apply make-up in your dream to enhance your skin tone, it indicates disguise. You are not being your true self in your waking life.

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