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Falls- Dreams Interpretation

fall dreams 03You close your eyes to get some rest; suddenly, you see yourself falling and you wake up, perspiring.
Such a dream is a very common one, especially if you are stressed in your waking life. When you have hundreds of things in your mind, you tend to fear the existence of a few of the problems. Your stress makes you lose interest in life and there’s no way you feel happy about yourself.
If you dream of falling, you lack control on your problems. You are trying your level best to manage different things, but you are unable to do so. The harder you try to hold on to things, the harder they fall in your waking life.
When you fall, you are unable to hold on to anything. There’s absolutely nothing you can do when you fall, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, you need to find out everything about what’s going on in your waking life.fall dreams 02
Are you being bullied at school or work? Is your partner forcing you to get pregnant? Is your boyfriend breaking up with you, even if you want to hold on to the relationship?
In the above mentioned situations, you are bound to have falling dreams.

A ‘fall’ represents lack of control, loss of something really important in your life, unhappiness, unable to balance emotions and also problems.
If you dream of falling from a cliff or a building, you surely don’t know where you are heading towards in your life. You may feel like you are giving your best to everyone, but people are not reciprocating well to you.
Also, if your kid is a teenager and someone who doesn’t listen to you at all, you are bound to get falling dreams. This indicates your lack of control on your kid.fall dreams 04

Most Common Falls Dreams:
• Falling from a building – You don’t die in your dream, even if you fall from a skyscraper, or at least till the time you don’t hit the ground. Dreaming of falling from a tall building indicates problems in your personal life, especially at home.
• Falling off and grabbing something to save yourself – If you dream of holding a branch after falling, you are going to balance your emotions, soon, in your waking life.
• Dying after falling – If you see yourself dead or dying after falling in your dream, it means that you have surrendered to your problems.

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