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Family Dreams 03Family is the symbol of various things such as; emotions, love, bonding and unity. Seeing your family in dream, may relate to positive and negative aspects of your life.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Generally, seeing your family in dreams does not always gives a positive sign. A particular member of the family in dream may refer to an argument that might take place in the house. A stressful situation with family in dream indicates someFamily Dreams 01 difficulties in the relationship.
The word family conveys many meanings in regard to the dreams. These could be related to stress, happiness, sorrows, wedding, dependency, independence, freedom, and many more. Relate it to your current situations to analyze what your dream is trying to convey to you.
The nature and behavior you share with the family may relate the meaning of your dream. For instance, dealing with an argument with a family member in dream, may either mean you are trying to settle down the things or raise the heat by being a part of it. Some people also have a dream where they find an unrecognized woman as their mother. It means that you are likely to change your perceptions towards women in your life.Family Dreams 0

Most Common Family Dreams:
Going on Vacation with the Family: This means that you badly wish to spend time with your family; however due to strenuous working hours or busy life, you are missing the quality time with them. It could be a sign that you will soon take a break with family or a family member who is distant from you may visit you for a holiday.
You were Playing with Your Sibling: This dream depicts both the negative and positive side of the dream. It either means that you are playing with the emotions of your sibling and trying to take advantage of his love. Check what is disturbing you in this relation and fix the things together. The positive side of the dream is that you share a close relation with your sibling and miss the time spent together with him/her.
Parents Fight: Most commonly, people dream of their parents fighting. This may relate the strains between the families and possibly, indicate a fight that might take place due to clash of egos. Try to avoid getting into any argument and maintain peaceful situations at home.

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