Fantastic Date Night Ideas That’ll Make You And Your Partner Really Romantic & Childish

I love me a good “dinner and a movie” date night, but they’re not unique or memorable. The nights I do remember are when we do something we both initially resist, or are scared to do (I’m looking at you ocean kayaking–at night.) I also remember the nights when everything goes completely sideways, but because we’re together, we have an unexpected blast. Here are some date night ideas that are sure to kindle (or rekindle) your sense of adventure, childlike wonder, and appreciation for that guy or gal in your life–no matter how adult you are.

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1. Play Truth or Dare

Grab a bottle of wine and prepare to get honest. I would recommend saving yourself some hassle and maybe abstaining from “truths” about exes or the how your partner thinks your butt looks. But you do you!

2. Bucket List Manifestation

Mega bonding opportunity here. Many bucket list items are activities that have a taste of danger, or are simply doused in it, and everyone knows a little risk is a classic bonding mechanism. Select an item from your bucket list, or your partner’s, and then just do it. Take a surf lesson, read some poetry at an open mic night, or opt for the bucket list cliché: skydiving.

3. Get Some Unique Exercise

Jogging together is fine. It’s not good, and it’s not great. It’s just… fine. So, jazz it up a bit. Go to a rock-climbing gym, get your kickboxing on, find a trampoline, or take an aerial class.

4. Hit the Great Outdoors

Find a tent and sleep outside, even if you’re just staying in the local forest with a whole bunch of other RVs. Cook food on a fire and let the batteries on your electronics die…and then, well, I’ll let you fill in the rest.

5. Adult Coloring

Coloring is no longer juvenile–in fact, it’s so in right now. So go forth, be trendy, and grab two adult coloring books (they even make naughty ones with sexy images or curse words) and some crayons (or colored pencils? Are crayons not cool?) and make something pretty. Or not.

6. Get a Couple’s Massage

My husband and I always end up arguing when we give each other massages. “Um, I massaged you for 30 minutes, it’s only been five minutes–keep going.” That’s annoying. Pay someone else to rub you down; preferably at one of those cute places that let you hold hands while you drool into the cushy face cradle.

7. Be a Tourist

I’ll bet your town has some cool tourist attractions you’ve never been to. Go check out the historic home of that famous person who grew up in your area, or eat at the place that’s known for artisan donuts.

8. Go for a Swing

At the park, I mean. On the swings. Like a kid. Parks are so great, especially at night.

9. Make Art

Go to your local craft store and buy pipe cleaners, glitter goo, finger paint, clay and any other classic art supplies from your childhood. Then go home, and get crazy. Naked painting is a thing as well. There are even companies who send you blank canvases to paint on (using a special, non-toxic paint) with your body.

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