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11 Fashion Rules We All Should Break Now

Fashion is what you are offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion…

Somewhere along the line, someone out there decided to nip all the fun that comes with fashion right in the bud by doling out rules. Rules for fashion? Puh-lease.  It’s hard enough getting dressed in the morning without even thinking about so-called “fashion rules”. But throw those in and it’s damn near impossible.

So what’s a girl to do? Here’s an idea: Instead of blindly following all the dated sayings like “don’t wear white about Labor Day” and “never pair blue and black,” why not just march to the beat of your own drum? After all, rules were meant to be broken. Of course, all of our suggestions are definitely situational, as it’s never wise to show too much cleavage at your job, but wearing a bright bra under a sheer shirt when you’re out is definitely a can-do.

Here are a few rules we plan on breaking – who’s with us?

Rule 1: ‘Black is not a summer color’


While black certainly attracts more heat than lighter colors, that doesn’t mean you can’t summerize your little black dress. Pair it with colorful accessories, like some red shoes or a pastel handbag. Black dresses always look great with metallic arm jewelry as well.

Rule 2: ‘Blue and black not together’


Most people are too scared to wear this color-combo, guaranteeing you’ll stand out from the crowd if you try it.

Rule 3: ‘Bras can never show’


You don’t have to stress over whether your bra peeks out of your outfit. Invest in a couple of lacy bralettes with accent straps that are meant to be shown off. These options are great for sheer shirts as well. After all, the last thing you want to do is layer on a hot summer day!

Rule 4: ‘Denim on denim only for cowboys’


Although it’s affectionately dubbed the “Canadian tuxedo,” denim on denim, even if they don’t match, is a luxury we should all enjoy. It shouldn’t be for just those north or south of us.

Rule 5: ‘No heels if you are tall’


It would seem that the myth proffers the idea that you cannot be tall and wear heels at the same time or you will tower everyone. Many women do not wear heels solely for the reason of standing taller, but rather to make their legs look more toned and attractive.  So, do not ditch your heels just because you are blessed with height, own it and strut it.

Rule 6: ‘No maxi dresses for short women’


This myth is not only untrue, but incredibly discriminating as well. It has been the mistaken belief of many that short women cannot wear maxi dressed or they would appear shorter.  Look for a streamlined maxi dress win a solid color and you will be amazed how great it would look on you.

Rule 7: ‘Don’t match your shoes with your handbag’


Matching both actually makes you look put together with minimal effort.

Rule 8: ‘Always coordinate your jewlery’


Like everything else in the obsolete rule book for fashion, everything must coordinate. This means you cannot mix silver jewelry with gold ones which is a bit baffling to say in the least. The contrast of gold and silver looks attractive and there should be nothing stopping you from wearing it. It makes for a good fashion statement as well.

Rule 9: ‘Don’t wear horizontal stripes if you’re curvy’


So, the saying goes is that horizontal stripes make everyone look even wider than they are. While they may not be the most flattering choice if you’re trying to look slim, if you’re so concerned then just stick to all black and and nothing but black, and just suck the life out of your style all together. Sounds like fun.

Rule 10: ‘Sparkles are only for night time’


Actually, sparkles, metallic, sequins, and the like are for any occasion, any time of day, and all year long. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Rule 10: ‘Never wear red and pink together’


If you look at any lovely spring bouquet, you’ll see that red and pink look utterly fantastic together – both in flowers and on you.

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