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Father- Dreams Interpretation

Father Dreams 03Father is the symbol of protection and security. There are many feeling associated with father or a fatherly figure.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Consider your current and past relation with your father. This will wake up from the few things that you never realized. It would be related to the love, bonding and affection shared together. Your father’s personality and traits will also make a big difference to understand your dreams in which you saw your father.Father Dreams 01
The scenarios like seeing your father trapped with bandages in dream means that you have failed to listen to your father in some matters and he feels disrespected. To add to it, it may also mean that your father feels the loss of authority and value in your life.
Some people also indicate seeing their father dead in their dream. This is a sign of caution before you take any decision. Your wrong moves may hit the entire family and put them in trouble too. Think twice and take suggestions from a senior member of the family like your father, before making any major decision in business and investment.Father Dreams 04

Most Common Father Dreams:
· Father in Extra Marital Affair: This is not a good feeling at all to see in dreams. It may give you a sign that you are feeling disconnected with your father. The dream may also relate to your own thoughts about marriage and commitment. Try to understand your current situation and relate to what it means.
· Argument with Your Father: If you saw that you were running into an argument with your father, it means that you are trying to lead your family. It may also indicate that you wish to be like your father and want to be authoritative.
· Death of the Father: Death of the father in dream may relate that the memories spent in the childhood with your father are fading away. It also indicates that you are expected to step into fatherhood and follow your father’s principals. Fathers are also related to one’s conscience and may project one’s anger.

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