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5 Features to Look for in a Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness can disturb your entire family’s finances and peace of mind. While most accidents and sicknesses are temporary, critical illnesses may exist for prolonged durations. The treatment costs for such diseases are high enough to deplete all the accumulated resources of a family. You can take the help of critical illness insurance to avoid being in such compromised situations. But before you buy critical illness insurance, you must keep a few things in mind.

5 Features to Look for in a Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is also a type of insurance. So, it would be best if you took the same precautions that you would for any other insurance in general. You can decide the personal requirements before settling on an insurance policy. But the remaining features differ in every insurance plan, so you must first understand their terms and conditions. Before you finalize a critical illness insurance package for you or your family, take a look at these five features.

Number Of Illnesses Covered

One of the first things you must verify in a critical illness insurance policy is the illnesses covered. Different insurance companies have varying numbers of diseases in their policies. Some companies won’t consider a few otherwise essential conditions in their list. The best way to choose a critical illness insurance policy is to ensure that it has the maximum possible number of illnesses covered. It will protect a person from a wide range of acute conditions.

List Of Included Hospitals

Another thing to consider before purchasing critical illness insurance is how many hospitals a patient can admit themselves into. Sometimes policy companies only have a selected number of hospitals where the policy is claimable. The number of hospitals can be limited, and there will only be one valid hospital in a district or state. You must make sure that at least a few authorized hospitals are there in your area for easy accessibility.

Insurance Premium Amount

The premium amount is also a crucial point to consider for critical illness insurance. Insurance providers have various insurance policies that have different types of coverages. You should select only the one that fits your need. There are also several deductibles in an insurance policy depending on the add-ons included. These add-ons increase the benefits of a policyholder, but they all cost extra money. You should select a premium plan that only has the add-ons you need and nothing more.

Convenience Of Claim and Settlement

It would help if you always researched the claim settlement percentage of an insurance company before purchasing a policy from them. The Total Incurred Claims Ratio under Health Insurance Business of General and Health Insurers was 88.43% in 2019-20. So, your policy company must also have a good settlement ratio on par with the national ratio. Most companies provide reimbursement options after the treatment is complete. But there can be some issues if the claim is not settled duly. Some companies require offline applications, which takes too much time in postal communication.

The best critical illness insurance will have provisions of online claim settlement at the hospital itself. Insurance agents also assist so that the policyholder does not have to go through the formalities themselves.

Complex Terms and Conditions

Every insurance policy is a legal agreement between the insurance company and the insurer. So, like other legal documents, you must also verify the contents of these policy papers before signing them. Apart from insurance agents, you must take advice from close friends or acquaintances who know insurance policies. By doing so, you will ensure that you get everything that you expect from a critical illness insurance policy.


You need to watch out for these five things before purchasing critical illness insurance. With this knowledge, you would have no problem finalizing a perfect insurance policy for you and your family. Care Health Insurance is a leading insurance provider of critical illness insurance. They have several policy options that cater to your exact necessities from a policy supplier. Take a look at the official website of Care Health Insurance before settling for any mediocre insurance policy.

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