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Thousands Of FB Users Are Trying To Find A CAT In This Picture. Can You Find It?

Optical illusions come by the dozen nowadays. The human eye has grown so perceptible to so many of them, thanks to their rapid influx on the internet, that a true illusion is often lost on us. But every once in a while, an image comes along which has the potential to break the internet, and break it does.

Redditor jmankruse posted this image in the Reddit Pics subreddit and it blew up instantly. So, let’s get down to it. Can you find the cat in this image in under 10 seconds?


Shall we begin the countdown then?


Give yourself 10 seconds before scrolling down to see the solution. Don’t cheat, play fair!


Are you ready? Here goes!



It was right under your nose! Did you manage to find it?

All images source: Reddit

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