Find out what your wedding month says about your relationship!

What’s the best way to make marriage a success? Believe it or not, not a single married individual would agree to say that this notion even exists!

However, relationship experts highlight the fact that couples who have similar hobbies or interest, end up being a bit happier than the rest, who try to find a mid-way to achieve a cordial bond.

Menial things like, interests, choices and a habit of their, now drives you crazy- wonder why? According to sacred texts mentioned in Indian astrology, ‘time of marriage’, has a deep affect on a couple’s life.

The month in which one gets married plays a significant role in the future of their relationship’s future.

Likewise zodiac signs have a great influence on one’s marriage, so does their wedding month. Let’s find out, what your wedding months says about your relationship.


Weddings that are solemnized during this month are influenced by Aquarius. Relax; your wedding is a standout. People married during this period experience a cordial relationship. Your spouse often tends to surprise and shower you with their love. Cases of separation are seldom.


People, who get married during this month, often experience an emotional journey. Your guiding force is Pisces, so you may also experience selfless responsibility towards each other. Either of them would always be serious towards keeping their vows and promises, and together realize the power of love.


If you are married under this period, then your guiding force would be Aries. Your relationship will always be full of surprises, good and bad, both. You may find it hard to understand your partner’s perspective. One day, they’ll agree with you, next day they will be debating with you; and the topic can be as men


Those who get married during this month are influenced by Taurus. Basically, this period according to Indian astrology is a great time for solemnizing marriage. Couples experience a romance-filled journey throughout their life, and also have a great sex life.


Couples married in this month are under the influence of Gemini; as its basic trait, their relationship too has two sides. Marriages solemnized during this period have equal chances of failure as they do have for success. Its influence is such that one of them in relationship would either have extreme bad nature or its total opposite be patient. They would either end up separating or live long together till eternity.


Marriages that are solemnized during this month are deeply influenced by Cancer. These couples are epitome of care and kindness and often set example for others in terms of leading a successful relationship. These individual are deeply involved in taking care of each other, focusing on each other’s families and building a great future for their coming generation.


Great news for people married during this month, you are influenced by Leo. You guys put in every effort to make this relationship a great one, and wonderfully succeed too. Couples married during this month, often feel attracted to each other and share similar passion for luxury and each other’s growth. You people are blessed to have a life-long satisfying relationship.


A couple whose marriage is solemnized during this month is highly affected by the influence of Virgo. They would often experience struggles coming their way, and would work together to overcome them. If they pay heed to each other’s needs and desires, they can build a really strong relationship.


Marriages solemnized during this month are influenced by Libra. They are near perfect couples, as they know the secret to happy living- a great sense to balance relationship’s needs. They hardly ever get involved in severe fights and often gel out differences. Together they put in equal efforts to boost their bond, which really works in their favor.


Those who are married during this month are influenced by Scorpio. A great sex life is what surpasses all their ups and downs. These people show great undying love towards each other and often tend to stick together through thick and thin. They often plan a family much later in their life.


Couples whose weddings are solemnized during this month are influenced by Sagittarius. This couple lives through a smooth sailing married life, and often believes in making life comfortable for the other. Together they complete each other’s emptiness and surpass all challenges together.


People married during this period are greatly weighed by Capricorn. They spend their lives, making it better for future and often miss out on living in the present. They hardly pay attention to other’s romantic needs and live through a mutual understanding of give and take. Their entire married life is about, finances, bringing up a family and strategies for cordial future. Separation is also expected from this relationship.

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