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Fire- Dreams Interpretation

fire dreams 03Fire is the symbol of rage, anger and passion. It may also relate transition of your thoughts.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

If you dream of being fire cautious, it means you have a concern about your temper and you fear of losing it often. It is also a good sign as it reflects your nature of being careful to prevent any mishaps. Fire is more often associated to your emotions and reactions at a fire dreams 04particular situation. For instance, seeing a fire in dream may indicate that you are likely to lose your temper or enter into a heated argument with someone soon.
Note down the state of fire that you saw in your dream. Some of the important factors to note about the fire dreams are; burning of a body, bonfire, campfire, fire extinguisher and fire exit. These factors will help you to understand a deeper analysis of your dream. All these factors in dream may give you different meanings related to how you react to these situations.
To see a fire extinguisher in dream may depict that you will be a peacemaker of an argument and will try to slow down the fire emerging out of these disputes. It is also a sign of danger or a risky situation that you might face.fire dreams 02

Most Common Fire Dreams:
· To see Bonfire: Seeing a bonfire in dream is a good sign of fire and it indicates that you will enter a new path of success soon. Start penning down the things that you wanted to achieve in life. It is time to follow the light!
· To see a Building on Fire: This could be a terror dream and may worsen if you even saw bodies burning. However, the reality is completely the opposite. It means that your painful old memories are burnt to hell and it is time to make new memories in life. On the negative side, this may also mean that you must be prepared for some serious consequences.
· House on Fire: If you saw your own house on fire in dream, it signifies passion and sexual desires. Perhaps, you may be visiting someone’s house or invited by someone to fulfill your passionate desires.

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