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Fish- Dreams Interpretation

goldfish2 fish dreams 03Fish is the symbol of silence and discoveries. They are perfect examples to explain that a person can discover the world by keeping his silence. This has a deep meaning in terms of your lifestyle.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Fish dreams are related to emotional changes in a person. A fish has the quality of discovering and exploring the marine life with their calm and patient presence. Despite being in a group, they Mangrove_Jack fish dreams 02do not make a noise of travel.
Similarly, the fin of the fish relates to the movements made by humans. Fish dreams help to open the unconscious mind and make things more clear. For instance, dead fish dream means loss of money and investments.
Fish also signify spiritual healing. This is one of the reasons why people love to swim like fish in the pool. It gives mental peace and brings back the balance of thoughts. Remember the size and color of the fish you saw in dream. These are essential factors in interpreting the dream. For instance, seeing a whale in dream indicates that you will face something big very soon. This could be a business project, a major decision of life and a big property related matter.sailfishtax fish dreams 04

Most Common Fish Dreams:
· Fish in Clean Water: If you saw fish swimming in cream water in dream, it indicates richness and energy. Things will be clearer to you in terms of your decision and there would not be any interference. This is exactly what your dream is trying to convey to you.
· Catching the Fish: Catching a fish in dream means that you have grabbed an opportunity. It also indicates that you will soon win a prize for your hard work. The dream could also convey the other meaning. Be careful to understand if the fish in your dream does not relate you. It means that you will be trapped in a situation of life and death. Fish in net is also a sign of lack of freedom.
· Fish Tank: If you had a dream of a fish tank, it means you will be involved in a lot of social affairs. Fish tanks are another house given to fish, so that they do not miss their home. Similarly, there may be emotional reasons why you are involving yourself in social affairs. This could be because you are missing your family or close friends.

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