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Flowers- Dreams Interpretation

Flowers dreams 04Flowers are the symbol of beauty and emotions. They have a lot of similarities to a human life.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Flower dreams are associated with growth, death, relations and the emotions related to various situations in life. They symbolize a woman’s behavior more, in regard to the inner desires. When flowers are seen in men’s dreams, they depict their feelings related to women. On the other hand, when women dream of flowers, it indicates the love for their children, flowers dream 02family and partner. These dreams also related hidden feelings towards sex.
Analysis a situation in your life and relate it to your dreams to get a clear vision. For instance, dried flowers are associated with the charm that you have lost in your life or your relationship. The types of flowers you see in dreams also indicate your feelings for a particular person or thing. For instance, fresh roses in dreams indicate your deep love and feelings for someone whom you love, whereas white lilies in dreams signify death of someone whom you love. White lilies in dream are also a sign of killing your own feelings for someone.flowers dream 03

Most Common Flowers Dreams:
• Buying Flowers for Someone: It is an indication that you are likely to buy something special for someone close. This dream also conveys that you are finding ways to express your feelings for someone. However, whether the news is good or bad depends on the type of flowers you bought in your dream.
• Plucking Flowers: Flowers plucked in your dream are related to your efforts taken for someone. It is also related to old memories that you are currently missing and want to cherish forever. Flowers plucked are also signs of good news and preparations, for a grand event that will likely take place soon.
• Receiving Flower Bouquets: This is great news! It indicates that you will soon climb the ladder of success and fame will follow you. The bouquets symbolize the appreciations and praises you will receive for your achievements in life. On the negative side, receiving flowers are also related to ill health. You might receive flowers to get well soon.

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