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Fog- Dreams Interpretation

Fog Dreams 04Fog is an unclear symbol that signifies confusion or loss. This confusion could be related to anything in your life. There is much more to add to it.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Fog is a gloomy symbol in which either your life will give you confusions, or you will be confused of your decisions in certain matters. These could be related to marriage, business deals orfog dreams 03 property matters.
Fog dreams also indicate insecurity. This could be in matters of love or job insecurity. Check the issues in your life and try to understand what these dreams are indicating. They could also be a warning sign from choosing a wrong move. Use your own patience and skills to settle this fog in your life and make realistic goals.
Fogs are the reason of road accidents and thus, be very careful of what your dream hints you. This maybe an indication that you may drive safely or else you are likely to meet with an accident. This may also mean that you must take smaller steps in life, so that the things take time to clear the objective.Fog Dreams 01

Most Common Fog Dreams:
• A Walk in the Fog: A dream of walking in the fog means that you are unclear of certain things in life. This also relates your confused state of mind. Fog also gives signs of insecurity. Check if something is disturbing you or if you are confused of a business decision. Choose the best option available in the list and clear this fog from your mind.
• Drive in Fog: A dream of driving in fog is a sign of danger. Be careful while driving and avoid speeding your car, especially in a bad weather. Fogs are also signs of bad weather. On the practical side, driving in fog means you are surrounded by many difficulties in the path of your life. It is advisable that you drive slowly and steadily.
• A Stranger in Fog: If you saw a stranger standing in the fog in dream, it relates your weaknesses. Either you are expecting someone to help you come out of a situation, or you are too scared of a situation you are currently in.

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