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Football- Dreams Interpretation


Football dreams are symbols of strength, spirit and passion. These may also relate to the opposite, such as; failure, defeat and opponents.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

How we play a sport indicates how we play the game of life. These games may be related to different roles of life. The sense of spirit in which you play the football in your dream, will explain you how you dealing with your life.football dreams 03
Football dreams also relate to the competitive feelings you may have for someone. Consider your business matters and opponents whom you wish to compete with. A football dream might be a sign of your competitive nature to win or lose. Your scores in the football dream and how you played will clear things out.
Take help of useful hints such as; were you the goalkeeper or one of the players? How do you find football as a game? Are you fearful of losing the game? The answers will take you closer to the reality. If the dream shows that you are fearful of losing the game, it is a sign that you hate to accept failures and you will react abruptly on a defeating situation.football dreams 02

Most Common Football Dreams:
• You Lost the Game: A dream where you lose the game could be a sign of a business project closure. There could be two reasons; either your company has not played professionally well or the competition on the other end was tough to handle. In some countries, losing a game in dream is a positive sign. It is believed that unless you lose, you do not get the experience to win.
• You were the Goal Keeper: A dream where you were acting as a goalkeeper signifies your leadership skills. It indicates that you will handle a difficult situation very well and others will look up to you as a leader.
• You were Watching Football: Watching football in dream denotes your passion and spirit. It means that you are open to learn new things with full passion and love to get inspired by others. This is giving you a sign that you will likely join an inspirational course very soon.

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