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Forest- Dreams Interpretation

forest dreams 04Forests are the symbol of subconscious or unconscious mind. They also resemble fear in dreams.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Forest dreams represent fear, sexual desires, confusion and confidence. People are fearful of different things such as; losing things, insecurity in relations and being lost somewhere. Dark forests indicate your darkest fears and dense forests indicate your problems around you. Dark forests are also related to fertility and Forest Dreams 02sexual satisfaction.
Ask a few questions related to your dream; did you see green forest? Was it daylight or night time? Did you see any campfire or traces of animals in the forest? Were you alone? Were you scared or enjoying the whistling of the trees and sounds of the birds in the woods? These questions will help you to analyze your dream much better.
Seeing a day light in your forest dream indicates fresh hopes. You will soon come out of a situation that you are currently stuck in. Spending the night in a forest dream signifies isolation. It means that you wish to spend some time alone, away from everyone. It is also related to an inner guilt or secret that is hidden somewhere in the dark and lies only within you. Wild animals in the forests are related to people and challenges that may come your way. It depends on how skilled and fearless you are to face them.forest dreams 03

Most Common Forest Dreams:
• A Walk in the Forest: Walking in the forest dream indicates closeness to nature. Perhaps, you are desperate to breathe free in fresh air. The dream is also a sign of spirituality. Consider sometime out for meditation and this will help you find inner peace.
• You are lost in a Dense Forest: Many people dream that they are lost in a dense forest. It means you are involved in a serious problem and unable or confused to find a way out. Try to analyze the things around you and understand if they can support you to come out of it; such as, climbing the tree to find a way out.
• Someone Chasing You in the Forest: These are your fears from which you are running away. Face them with confidence instead of running away from them. Trust your instincts and be bold to accept your fears.

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