This Funny Video About Unhygienic People And Their Habits Will Speak To The Slob In You!

Something is fundamentally wrong with you if, ‘it’s too cold today to take a bath’ has never crossed your mind! I’m not asserting if you went ahead and did it (I mean did not take a bath) but hey, who are we to judge? The point I’m trying to reach at is, we all have a little slob inside of us who can make us do things. Things, you wouldn’t want to do in public!

This video uploaded by Old Delhi Films is an ode to that slob in you. Sure, you’ll shriek and ‘eew’ in front of people (you think you care about) but somewhere, deep down, you’ll surely relate to these guys. Or at least quickly tag an unhygienic friend who does so! And who doesn’t like to see hilarious people say all kinds of shit, anyway?

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