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Game – Dreams Analysis

Games symbolize many things in a person’s dream. These could be a good sign as well as a bad sign. Sometimes, the game symbol may look contradictory to understand.

Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Game Dream Symbolism:

Game Dreams Interpretation 02The purpose of a game is entertainment. However, not many people take it that way. Game includes various changes and emotions related to it. These are winning, loosing, cheating, rules, competition, skills and anything else related to the specific game you see in your dream.
All the above keywords help you to analyze the meaning of your dream. Breaking the rules depict how you play the game of the life. On the other end, to play within the rules show you as a responsible person. Winning a game relates to how well you have worked towards your realistic goals and loosing depicts your weaknesses.

Game Dreams Interpretation 04Answer a few questions before you get to the core of your game dream: Which game did you dream about? Were you playing or watching the game? Were there any familiar players with you in the dream? If you saw a familiar face, it means someone close is trying to play a game with you. She/he might also try to break the rules to cheat upon you.

Here are Most Common Game Dreams with Their Analysis:

· Succeed the Opponents: The dreams that show you as a successor over your opponents denote your strengths and skills. It means that you will win over your rivalries in business and gain more popularity as a winner. This is also a sign that you must not get distracted and must not lose your focus.
· Watch a Game: This is one of the common game dreams. It signifies your coward behavior. Watching others play the game and sticking to the chair means that you do not have the confidence to be a player. Take this as a hint to observe the players as your business competitors and keep an eye on their moves.
· Involvement in Gambling: Some people also see themselves as a gambler in game dreams. This signifies that you are likely to follow wrong ethics and unlawful practices in business. You may risk your business in the desire of winning soon.

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