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Gift Dreams 03Gifts are the symbol of surprises, happiness and celebrations. The only thing to understand is the objective of the person behind giving you the gift.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Giving gift in dream is symbolizes your generous nature towards others. It also reflects your affection and love towards others, especially your family. Dreams are also signs of rewards and results of your achievements.
The important thing to notice about your gift dream is the objective of the person gifting you. A stranger with a cunning smile on the face or a weird behavior, while giving you the gift, Gift Dreams 02depicts the ill feelings towards you. This is a sign to beware that the gift will hold his negative feelings about you. It is also a sign that someone may try to take control over your good nature or try to buy you by giving gifts.
To see a bagful of gifts in dream signifies multiple skills and talents that you hold. These are also related to various opportunities that may come your way and provide you beneficial results in the future.Gift Dreams 04

Most Common Gift Dreams:
· To Receive a Gift: You will either receive a surprise from someone or an opportunity will knock your door. It is also a sign that someone will identify the hidden talent in you and will encourage you to let it out in public. Many people often dream of receiving a surprise gift. It is a sign that you will receive a reward and recognition of your past efforts.
· To Buy a Gift: If you dreamt of buying a gift for someone, it means you will attend a social event very soon. This could be someone’s birthday, a wedding anniversary, or any get-together. Buying gifts are also signs of positivity around you. Perhaps, the celebration time is near with your dear ones.
· To Wrap a Gift: Wrapping gifts in dream are indications that you are trying to hide something. This could be related to someone else as well who is trying to cover things from you. Check the pattern and color of the gift wrapper as this will give you different signs. For instance, a red color gift wrapper shows a secret affair and a shiny gift wrapper indicates party time!

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