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How to Give a Girl a Kiss For The First Time with No Chance of Rejection

While kissing might be important to both sexes, it’s particularly of importance to females. This is due to the fact that women can intuitively pick up on your personality by the way you kiss. When you really like a girl, it’s natural to want a perfect first kiss: being rejected can leave you feeling embarrassed and awkward. While it’s never possible to avoid rejection entirely when going for a first kiss, there are some steps you can take to gauge her interest and make your intentions more obvious.

1. Make sure she is ready to kiss you.

Even if she enjoys your company and going out with you it does not necessarily mean she wants to kiss you or be in a relationship with you. She may just see you as a good friend! And, even if she wants to be more than just friends it does not mean she is ready or willing to kiss you when you are. So, before kissing her for the first time you have to be sure she wants to kiss you as well.

2. Find a comfortable place.

If you want the kiss to be as sexy as possible, then you have to lock lips at the right place and time. Though you shouldn’t search forever for the most perfect location in the world, you can put some thought into finding an intimate place for the kiss, especially if you’re kissing your partner for one of the first times. Make sure you’re alone, and that you’re not around any harshly bright lights, and that there’s a place where you can sit down if the kiss gets more intimate.

3. Make sure your hygiene is on order.

Good grooming habits are important in general, but become even more important when going in for a kiss. Because you’ll be so close to her, she’ll be more likely to notice any flaws in your hygiene. Make sure your breath is fresh. Gum or mints are a great way to make sure that your breath smells good before going in for a kiss. If you go out for dinner on your date, try to avoid anything too pungent with strong garlic or onions. If your breath is noticeably bad, she may turn down the kiss. Even worse, she may go through with it and have a bad experience that she won’t be able to forget.

4. Break the touch barrier.

It’s much more difficult to kiss a girl for the first time that you have not even touched. If she is not willing to hold your hand or seems reluctant to do so it’s a clear sign that she will more than likely not be willing to kiss you. Try touching her a couple of times while talking to her such as briefly and casually touching her hand or arm while saying something and notice how she reacts. Does she feel comfortable being touched or does she pull away?

5. Initiate physical contact.

Light physical contact is the best way to communicate with each other about wanting more. If you don’t talk to her and send the right physical signals, she’ll be surprised and may feel uncomfortable if you make a sudden move. Make sure all of your motions are slow and relaxed. Keep talking as you touch her so that your movements aren’t distracting or overly obvious. Remember, if she seems uncomfortable or asks you to stop, stop immediately.

6. Move in close and kiss her.

Make sure that you move in with one, calm motion. Move too fast and you risk startling her; move too slow and you may seem too passive. If she’s given you permission to make the move, she’ll most likely reciprocate your advance and kiss you back. Continue touching her if you were already making contact before the kiss. Continue holding her hand or touching her arm or shoulder.

7. Keep it slow and steady.

Don’t rush into the kiss. I know a lot of romantic movies show this big collide with tons of passion but that’s just not reality. If you do that, you’ll probably just end up smashing your lips today and that’s awful. Instead, move slowly. Let the anticipation build, just don’t go so slow that your partner gets annoyed. When you do finally kiss, keep it simple and deepen it slowly.

8. Make them want just a little bit more.

This requires some self-control but if you can do it, they’ll think you’re an incredible kisser. Sometimes it’s not just about how you kiss, but how you don’t kiss. Hold back a little. Give them some slow, sweet kisses and then pull away. The next time they come in for more, be a little more urgent with your lips.

9. Use your hands.

Don’t forget that you have hands, here. If you just let them dangle, you’re missing out on a solid opportunity to make a kiss amazing. The best thing you can do is caress their face with your hands – or even just one hand. Gently pull them into you with your hands and when you’re actually kissing, use your hands to divulge just how much you want them. Pull them in by the waist, let your fingers dig into them a little. Make your hands show how urgent the kiss is while your lips remain soft.

10. Throw some biting in there.

You have to be careful with biting because if you do it too hard or your partner isn’t into it, it’ll make things awkward. But if you’re looking to up the passion, grab their bottom lip between your teeth very gently and not for long. Let it go and dive right back in for a kiss.

Knowing how to be a good kisser comes with experiencing and knowing your partner well. Be gentle, let your lips move naturally, and live in the moment of the intimate embrace.

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