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Glass- Dreams Interpretation

glass Dreams 04Glass is a symbol of sensitive issues in life. The symbol is also related to spirituality.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Glass is a sign to balance things and acts as a reminder to complete the tasks that may be forgotten. There are different meanings related to the glass dreams. Transparent glass indicates transparency in your relations. glass Dreams 03People who see transparent glass in dream means that they do not hide their emotions and feelings about each other. Dark glasses indicate signs of secrets or matters that you are trying to cover.
Breaking of glass is a good omen in some countries. It means that bad times and bad dreams are broken. It is time to appreciate the good things you have in life. Perhaps, keep room for a little celebration time with your family as you will soon hear some good news.
Clear glasses are indications of new awakenings. Those who have this dream will welcome fresh ideas, new hopes and fruitful opportunities. Many people often see their eyeglasses breaking in dream. Beware! You may be prone to an injury that might leave a mark on your face.glass Dreams 02

Most Common Glass Dreams:
· Thick Glass: Thick glass in dream signifies a strong barrier around you. It means you are able to see the outside world, but unable to come out from a situation. The thick glass is your current situation. Try to use your creative ideas to break this barrier. If you hit the right switch, the glass door will automatically open.
· Colorful Glass: If you saw a colorful glass in your dream, it reflects your nature. A black glass means that people are trying to rule over you. Beware of someone who will try to wrong you. The black glass is a sign that this person might be smart enough to prove you wrong without letting you trace him.
· Peep through the Glass: This is one of the most common glass dreams. It shows your openness in expressing yourself. Peeping is also related to eagerness. You may be eager to know what’s happening in someone’s life.

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