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God- Dreams Interpretation

god dreams 02God dreams are very easy to relate to. They signify divine and spiritual behavior. However, a deeper understanding of the dream will help with a clear picture of your real life.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:God Dreams 01

Gods signify many things such as; truthfulness, spirituality, divinity, purity and expressions of feelings. God dreams are like the blessings of good karma and good deeds. These dreams also denote the fears within you. For instance, seeing a god in dream warns you of an unlawful act.
Different god dreams convey different meanings in regard to your deeds. If you see god talking to you in dream, try to relate the expressions on the God’s face. Angry god may reflect misfortune and a smiling god means eternal peace. A smiling god is also a sign that you have a pure aura and nothing wrong can hamper you in life. Beware of the sign of an angry god in dream and avoid doing anything unlawful or unethical.
God dreams denote positivity in life and expect you to change a few things to turn positive. Many people also see god dreams in relation to their guilt, punishment and crime. Answer a few questions, such as; were you in a sacred place? Did the place look like heaven or hell? What was the god trying to communicate with you? Was there anyone or anything else present along with you and the God?God Dreams 04

Most Common God Dreams:
· God with Blue Eyes: A dream in which you find god with blue eyes depict that you have a straight connection with the god. It means that you share a direct relation with god and do not feel hesitant to accept your weaknesses or strengths in front of your god.
· Worshipping God: If your dream indicates that you were worshipping god, it is a sign that you have a pure heart. It also means that you have never hurt anyone and you will never fall into wrong practices.
· Seeing a Goddess: Goddess symbolizes femininity. If a man dreams of a goddess in dream, it shows his respect for women.

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