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Grandmother- Dreams Interpretation

grandmother Dreams 04Grandmother dreams are the symbol of your existence in this world. They are the roots from where you existed.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Many people see their dead grandmother in dream. Some people also dream about their grandmother who is still alive, but reside at a distant place. These dreams symbolize love, affection, bonding, closeness, togetherness and the base of the family.
Check a few things about your grandmother dream. Was your grandmother lying in bed or watching you from the sky in your dream? If your grandmother was lying in bed, it is a sign that your grandmother will soon fall sick. If you dreamt about her like an angel in the sky, this will transform your life, as you have her blessings and she is watching over you troubles.grandmother Dreams 03
Grandmother dreams are inner feelings about your family. Dreaming about family members indicate some intuitions about your family’s health. It could also mean that you are missing the moments spent with your grandparents.
We all know about grandma stories and the only objective behind these stories was to make us better human beings. If you see your grandma in your dream, it means that you are expected to make wiser choices and correct decisions in life.grandmother Dreams 02

Most Common Grandmother Dreams:
• Grandma Smiling at You: This dream is a sign that your past is quite happy with you. Your current efforts and past records make your ancestors proud of you. It is also a sign that you are supposed to continue what you are doing. Take it as a hint that luck is in your favor.
• Grandma Crying: This is not a good sign. It means pain and sorrows. You may have hurt her feelings in the past or you may have done something wrong currently, which has broken the trust of your ancestors. Grandma crying in dream is also a sign that she is missing you very badly. Perhaps, paying a visit to her house or giving her a call would help to clear things out.
• Grandma Dying: It’s a sign of the end of a blood relation. Some clashes in the house may lead to serious fights that you will make distance from a very close family member. Seeing your grandma dying in dream also denotes that your past memories are fading away.

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