Guess What? Indian gaali ‘MC’ is the name of $23 cocktail in Singapore

In the time of MasterChef and trial cooking styles, restaurateurs and chefs are putting in a lot of efforts to ensure their visitors are dealt with to fabulous and fantastic cusine and flavors. Part of the development and adding to the entire eating expeience is the naming of dishes and their depiction. Much thought goes into the ideal name and a depiction that would tempt burger joints to pick a specific drink or dish. What’s more, what turns out after much work of adoration is a name that epitomizes the pith of the dish.

For a certain cocktail on the menu of Equilibrium, a modern Italian bar and restaurant in Singapore, that name just happened to be an oft-used Indian expletive.

MC 1

This delightful find was tweeted out on Twitter, much to the amusement of numerous. Portrayed as an “Alluring Flavors Of India, Creamy Chai Latte Shaken With Amaretto, Bulleit Bourbon, Hazelnut Syrup, French Cream And Honey Water”, the mixed drink is estimated at $23, exclusive of taxes


And if you think this was a hoax, here is another photograph of their menu from popular Singapore food and restaurant review website HungryGoWhere.

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