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Gun- Dreams Interpretation

Gun Dreams 04Gun dreams are associated with anger, danger, violence and aggression. This is moreover a sign of positivity.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

A gun dream is a symbol of various things as stated above and additionally, these dreams are also associated with power, pride, authority and influence. Dreaming about a gun is also related to fears. How you see the gun in your dream will give you a clear picture about your real life situations.Gun Dreams 01
A damaged gun in dream represents dangers related to impotency. It may be a sign that you are sexually impotent. Shooting a gun in dream denotes your past experiences of life that you badly wish to forget. Here, shooting is associated with forgetting or getting away with it. If your dream shows that you were shot by someone, it reflects someone’s aggressive nature towards you and vice versa. Perhaps, someone is not happy to see your progress.
Hiding a gun in dream means you are trying to cover your ill feelings and trying your level best to control your aggression. Take this as a good sign and try to rule over your anger, before the anger rules over you.Gun Dreams 03

Most Common Gun Dreams:
• Loading a Gun: Loading a gun in dream means that you will soon be preparing yourself to take a final decision on a critical matter. If you dreamt of a stranger loading the gun, it means that you are inviting a problem in the next few days. Stay alert of a situation that you will be trapped in and the person who made this trap will try to make an exit smoothly.
• Shooting Yourself: Dreaming that you were shooting yourself with a Gun, means you are screwing your life. Be careful and thoughtful of your decisions. Accept your mistakes boldly and find solutions confidently. Do not get addicted to wrong things and do not call into wrong practices.
• Bad People with Guns: These dreams reflect your negative thoughts and personality traits. Bad people carrying guns mean that someone or some situation is trying to take control over you.

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