Habits that causes your hair split ends – How to avoid split ends

Split ends are one of the most well known hair problems faced by most of the women in the nation. The hair loss is due to enough amount of stress throughout the day, which gives rise to split ends. One way of removing split ends will be trimming the edges. But, even after trimming there is no guarantee that the hair will not split once again. Some habits in ladies are responsible for splitting of hair. Some of the factors are:

  • Using hot hair iron for styling,
  • Using hair colors,
  • Use of harmful hair serums

After using hair color for styling, you must be going out in the sun. This gives rise to weathering of the hair. First of all the hair damage takes place over the outer coating of hair. While coloring with harmful chemicals, you are engaged with wearing the hair cuticles completely off. As soon as this procedure starts, the rope like composition will start unwinding and give rise to split ends. Even the expert says, once the hair gets split ends, black hair can hardly be brought to the virgin state.

Habits and ways to prevent split ends

Solution to split ends by avoiding products

With innovated technology, products are available which will help avoiding split ends while styling. The product is named as ‘living proof restore instant repair’. It is a material that contains ceramide which again helps in gluing the edges of the hair where split ends is viewed. This is a temporary solution of holding down but can also fail due to its outer coating.

Preventing split ends habits

Apart from dealing with the solution of split ends, it is better to prevent it totally. If you can avoid these hair wreking habits, getting split ends prevented will be easily possible. Some of the ways of split and prevention:

Hair shield before heat to remove split ends

Styling is the right of every lady in this earth. No one can stop ladies from styling and look beautiful. But, if you are using heat to your hair for styling, a shield must be created beforehand with the help of heat protecting spray. You can easily get an instant protection to your hair, whether you wish to avail dry of wet styling method. When you are searching for hair shield choose the product that does not contain oil or silicone.

Do not tie wet hair to avoid breakage

When your hair is wet, the roots of hair remain very soft and is very susceptible to breakage. So, never try tying your hair when it is wet. You can use non to pull hair elastic on your wet hair if you really wish to tie your wet hair by pulling it from the top to bottom. The single ribbon hair ties from Sephora is one of its kind.

Improper diet routine leads to hair breakage

The tendency among ladies for getting their physic slim and trim is quite common. They would consume less protein, less carbohydrates and essential fat in the diet. This might make them slimmer, but hair roots will decay due to lack of enough protein. Hair breakage and split ends can be one of the results of fat free diet. But, there is also a remedy for this. You can use biotin to make your hair, nail stronger and eradicate hair splits completely.

Hair SPF to protect from sun damaged hair

Many people might not know, but the true fact is, both skin and hair require SPF to protect them from sun damage. But, have you seen people using SPF for hair? Most of you will say no as an answer to this. But, if you can protect the keratin protein present in your hair, the fibers will be healthier. You can use serum, heat protection as well as serums that include UV protection factors to protect your hair from sunlight. One of the most effective of this type include Shieseido refreshing sun protection spray with SPF 16.

Avoid colors of dyed hair

Some ladies have tendency of applying hair colors on hairs which are already dyed. If you are applying dye, vegetable based formula or semi permanent dyes will be effective and not harmful. Do not ever use colors over the hairs which are already been dyed. You can now get branded colors in the market, which will work both as hair color fir styling purpose as well as dye to make your gray hair black. If you wish to highlight those hairs, do not apply hair colors over the dye immediately. Apply the dye and then leave your hair for 2 days. Thereafter, you can easily apply the hair color.

Using hair conditioner with henna

Some people simply wash their hair with shampoo. They do not care their hair at all. Your hair also needs proteins and nutrients to stay healthy. Conditioning your hair with Henna or branded conditioner is important. You can also go for home remedies like eggs, yogurt, etc., for providing perfect conditioning to the hair. This will strengthen your hair root and create an additional grip over your roots. Slowly you will achieve the beautiful lubricating property of your hair fibers. Even when you style with these hair, your hair will absolutely look healthy.


You can use hair shears to trim and reduce split ends

Trim your hair with hair shears with only scissors. They are designed for cutting hair and makes use to use these scissors for cutting hair and nothing else. Use dull scissors designed for cutting hair that will make your split end situation even worse.

Only trim dry hair, but not wet

Trim your hair only when they are dry and not wet. Getting your hair cut while wet causes splits ends and damaged hair. This results when your hair is quite dry. Don’t stretch that has a totally different look while it is wet. You can clearly see split, fray ends when your hair is dry. If you follow this you will get a better shaped cut.

Follow simple hairstyles to protect your hair from split ends

You should fix to some protective hairstyles into your regimen like a bun, tuck in roll style, or a low manipulation updo. You can wear your hair out all the time it becomes vulnerable to friction from your shirt collar or your coat. Choose the best hairstyle that best suits to the weather conditions as it cause its fair share of damage to your ends by drying them out.

Apply twisting method to get over bad ends

Twisting method is the simplest method which you can get rid of the split ends without any hassle. You should take your hair strand and twist it real tight that helps to remove split ends. This might help the split ends in getting out of the twisted strand and it will help if a sharp pair of hair styling scissors. Then, you can cut them. Repeat the same process for the entire strands left and you can simply get over the bad ends.

Use a split ender product

The split ender product is the one of the best products to remove all the dead ends of the hair strands instead of twisting method. The use of this product is beneficial because as soon as the dead ends are removed, then the hair growth gets stable. It also retains the shine with this technique that you would even get rid of the split ends and won’t even need to get a haircut.

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