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Hair Trends 2016: 13 Hottest Dip Dye Hair Colors Ideas

Dip dye is usually done in unnatural bright colors applied only to the ends of your hair, however, for shorter hair, the color can start much higher.

If you keep a step with fashion, you must know that Dip-dye hair has been popular among celebrities & fashion gurus for a couple years and are still trendy in the following days. More and more girls tried this style and they are happy to be flattered with these cool hairstyles. No matter your own hair color is blonde, brown or black, you can choose a dyed blue color that suits your skin tone and your personality. It most certainly appears that dip dyed hair has taken the world by storm. The internet is literally flooded with how to dip dye hair guides. One of the best qualities of dip dyed hair is that regardless of whether you have blonde or brown hair, there is a hot color that can instantly transform your entire look!

1. Tense Emerald Green

Green dip dye color shading is picking up velocity in its popularity. It is super simple to accomplish for any characteristic hair color, and, best of all, there is a wide cluster of green tints to look over. You can be sure you’ll find the perfect tone!

2. What about Black and Blue Combination

Teal blue, seafoam, mermaid, peacock, turquoise…… No matter what words you prefer to describe this beautiful hair color, it seems that it is never enough.

3. Semi Black, Semi Red

Semi black, semi red dip dye hair looks marvelous, especially if it is done on naturally curly hair! Be sure not to start dyeing too high, but rather begin coloring mid shaft or lower.

4. Pastel Dip Dye

When it comes to dip dye hair, pastels come together in a world all their own. Pastel shades can be blended to compliment any natural hair color, in a way that creates a look that is both classy and sassy. Whether your natural hair color is super dark or fairly light, you can easily embrace a pastel shade to lighten things up and turn some heads while doing it!

5. Glorious Blue on Light Brown


With regards to well known plunge colored hair shading decisions, blue has positively been noted to be one of the more looked for after arrangements. Blue is an essentially perfect alternative, as it matches energetically well with dim hair and lighter tones. Despite what your common hair shading might be, you can locate a blue tone to impeccably compliment you.

6. Flamingo Pink Dip Dye


In the world of dip dye color hair, various shades of red, including pink and burgundy, will everlastingly be a safe go-to alternative. Red is flawless as it can be shaken like a super restless shade or a barely even discernible one for whatever stroll of life you may end up in.

7. Purple on Greyed Hair

Gray balayage is a popular choice for brunettes, however, sometimes it really looks not like a dye job, but like natural gray which is not always the goal. Add purple dip dye ends for a fun accent and fashionable touch to your casual hairstyles.

8. Smooth Purple Essence

Tones of purple dip dye color shading are truly the most looked for after shades as of now of the year. Taking you from the workplace to date, purple is an exemplary decision that can splendidly be combined with any characteristic hair shading and style and, best of all, it looks extraordinary with any skin tone!

9. Magenta and Chocolate Brown

It ought to be specified that it was pink that really dispatched the dip dye colored hair craze. Propelling itself back in the 90’s, pink was something that was super simple to fuse into one’s style, and it didn’t make a difference who you were, you also could pull off pink… And regardless you can! Whether you select to go dim or light pink, you are incorrigibly disposed to locate a pink tint that compliments your hair shading and identity!

10. Mix-Up and Down-Play

They say blondes have a great time, however shouldn’t something be said about the women with tones of yellow and green in their bleach blonde locks? One awesome advantage for blondes is that joining truly any shade of shading is inconceivably simple to do. So, if you are a blonde, have fun with your hair and toss in a few shades of the same color to really add sparkle to your style!

11. Pixie Tones of Purple

Like blue, purple is a incredibly stylish ombre and dip dye color hair shading decision. Particularly if you are trying to acquire more of an edgier style. Purple is ideal for darker common hair hues – cocoa and black.

12. Elegant Mermaid Tones

Virtually every young girl at some point dreams of becoming a mermaid. And by incorporating a stunning teal color into your dip dye hair style, you can easily obtain the perfect mermaid locks that you have always dreamed of! Teal is a remarkable choice for darker hair colors as it is easy to blend for a cool color contrast.

13. Stunning Pink

Splendid pink is so excellent in each season. Besides, it is super simple to get, paying little respect to what your common hair shading is. Brilliant pink can without much of a stretch be mixed into an extensive variety of normal hair hues, and it works with any shade of garments

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