What happens when your Mind and Heart are not Agreed on the Same thing

Scenario 2 – During the Relationship

Your heart says, “This relationship is everything I need.”
Your mind says, “There are red flags here that I shouldn’t ignore.”



When one partner in a relationship is not cheerful, they for the most part give signs either verbally, as passive forceful conduct, or by means of non-verbal activities of their discontent. In the event that you are the other partner who is madly in love with you, you do really get the warnings as signs in your brain. Shockingly, your heart overwhelms your rationale for this situation. Your heart talks so loudly about how infatuated you are and how perfect everything is, that you muffle the messages your mind has gotten.


In the long run, after the separation, it is less demanding to see the warnings were available in your relationship. You additionally may understand that a portion of you were profoundly joined to your ex because in light of the fact that you cherished being infatuated. In the event that you identify with this situation, recall that, you merit an affection with equivalent give and take. Correspondence is fundamental to the accomplishment of a relationship and you ought to never need to persuade somebody to love you as much as you cherish them.

Scenario 3 – After the Break Up

Your mind says, “I am going to be okay. In fact, before long, I’m going to feel like myself.”
Your heart says, “The pain is excruciating, I don’t think I will ever feel at peace again.”

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After your break up, if you sit quietly and listen to your inner voice, you will hear hope inside. This hope is telling you that you will feel better, that you will live life once again with passion, and that you will experience love once again. The information you are being sent from your mind  is based on your history and the fact that you have overcome obstacles in the past. Your mind remembers the times where you have faced adversity and have come out on the other side stronger and brighter. Your heart is speaking out of fear; listen to your mind – it has a strong basis for giving you hope.

Listen to words from companions, family, and advisors regardless of the possibility that they don’t feel like they are mending your broken heart. Each and every word makes a difference. Listen to each word somebody with experience needs to let you know. As of recently, we haven’t examined the subliminal personality. Positive messages to your subliminal personality can overwhelm antagonistic ones from your heart. All that you are perusing and listening to about recuperating is entering your intuitive and will help you mend quicker.

Above I have discussed the logical mind being crowded out with a somewhat not logical heart. Take note, the situation can certainly occur in reverse. Your heart may experience genuine love yet have seeds of hesitation planted by an unconfident mind. In either situation, a great way to heal your heartache from your current break up, please are aware of it is possible.

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