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Happy- Dreams Interpretation

Happiness Dreams 04Being happy is a state of mind. It is a symbol of positivity and energy around you.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Happy dreams are not always happy. They even symbolize sadness. In fact, being happy in dream may be related to your sorrows. Happy dreams may play riddles with you and confuse you about whether these are good signs or bad signs. Try to relate your current situations with these dreams.happy dreams 04
Feeling happy in dreams may relate to things that are going well in your house. Find out the things that make you happy in dreams. For instance; a bouquet of fresh flowers, walking on the grass, receiving a surprise gift and watching a little baby. If any of these things makes you happy in your dream, it means the good times are near.
If you dreamt that you are looking for happiness in dream, it is a sign that you are looking for a change in life. Things may seem monotonous and boring. You badly need a break. Make calls to your friends and go out movie together. Do little things that bring a smile on your face.happy dreams 03

Most Common Happy Dreams:
• To Smile while Dreaming: This is one of the most common happy dreams. We don’t have a reason why we were smiling in dreams, but quite often we wake up while smiling. It is a sign of being happy. Happiness is a state of mind and you need to remain happy no matter what the situation is.
• A Happy Baby: If you saw a happy baby in dream, it is a sign about the happiness of your children. These dreams indicate that you must spend time with your children as they feel happy with you being around. Moreover, the dream is a reflection of your inner feelings and it takes you to the flashback of your happy childhood days.
• Laughing Loudly: To dream that you were laughing loudly indicates a sign of satisfaction. You will feel satisfied about a mission accomplished. According to the myths, laughing in dream is a sign of sorrows in reality.

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