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Hare- Dreams Interpretation

Hare Dreams 02Hare is a symbol of lies, cheat, gossip and selfishness. There is more to add to this in regard to your hare dreams.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

There are plenty of dreams associated with hare. All these may give you different signs in relation to your current situations. People who dream about a baby hare is a sign that they are expected to raise their child similarly. A young woman dreaming about hare means she is likely to meet her soul mate very soon.
Check the other things related to hare in your dream. These are related to your real life situations. For instance, dreaming about a hare’s hole or hutch means good luck. This is also an indication about conceiving a baby.Hare Dreams 04
You may have to notice the other things as well, such as;
– Seeing a hare running
– Eating a hare
– Killing a hare
– Hunting a hare
– Chasing a hare
– Trapping a hare, etc…
Some people have dreamt about rare colored hares (red, green or black). These are bad omens and indicate cancer risk for either you or any of your family members. Baby hares are related to the affection and bonding, shared with the children in the house.Hare Dreams 03

Most Common Hare Dreams:
• White Hare: White Hare is a sign of good fortune, success and friendship. It lets you know that you will meet your old friends, gain success in business and celebrate this success with friends and family. White Hare is also a sign of delayed marriage.
• Hunting a Hare: Hunting hare in dream is a sign of troubles. This dream strongly indicates that someone will backstab you for their own selfish motives. Beware of the risks associated with the new projects of your company. Keep a close eye on everyone who tries to be overly sweet with you in their talks.
• Cute Hare: Dreaming about a cute hare indicates good health and strong bonding with the family. It is also a sign that you will share a cordial relation with your subordinates at work. This is the time to strengthen your bond and unity.

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