This Haryana Farmer Not Only Married a Rape Survivor but Also Enrolled Her in Law School

Jitender Chattar, a 29-year-old farmer from Chattar province in Jind, chose to marry a rape survivor and also helped her get enrolled in a law school so she can fight for justice. “She can join the judicial services or as a lawyer can help other rape survivors. We have already started a platform called, Youth Against Rapes” he told The Times of India. Jitender is now seeking the intervention of Haryana’s Chief Minister in his wife’s ongoing case to arrest one accused who is still free.


His wife approached Jitender after her parents had made a wedding proposal to his family. She revealed the truth about her situation and said that he should marry someone else as this relationship would affect his social life. But he and his family did not change their decision.

The survivor said that Neeraj, a resident of Jind had sexually abused her and was blackmailing her along with four other people including a woman. Jitender then pursued the case with the police and they have managed to arrest four of the five accused.

“Since the day we got engaged, except for discussion with lawyer or in court we don’t talk about my case much. I and my family owe a lot to Jitender as apart from fighting off the taboo, he is also facing the ire of the accused who try to frame him in false cases,” she told TOI.

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