Haunted Hotels for Halloween Travellers

With last night’s premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel in mind, we’re sharing some of the spookiest hotels in America . Stay the night—if you dare.

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California


There’s not much scarier than a haunted house—unless of course it’s floating on water. The Queen Mary has been docked since 1967 and is the home of 49 confirmed deaths of both passengers and crew members. Cabin B340 is the most haunted of all—so haunted, in fact, that it’s sealed and unavailable for rent.
Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida


Enter the Baltimore Hotel if you want to be haunted by the ghost of Thomas “Fatty” Walsh. The mobster was murdered there in 1929 during a gambling dispute, and he has haunted the hotel elevator ever since. There have been other reports of guests seeing a woman dressed in white in their rooms, as well as the ghost of a woman jumping out of a hotel window to save her child.
Boston Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts


Omni Parker, the now deceased first owner of the hotel still haunts the halls checking for imperfections like he did when he was alive. The 10th floor is where most of the sightings take place, especially room 1078. Perhaps there’s something in that room he had trouble letting go of? Additionally, the third floor, room 303 in particular, has its own group of ghosts.
Kahler Grand Hotel, Rochester, Minnesota


Because this hotel is connected to the Mayo Clinic complex, many patients stay there before or after visits. In 1977 the 65-year-old heiress of Brach candy, Helen Voorhees Brach, stayed at Kahler Grand Hotel before a check-up. Her doctors had nothing bad to report, but once she checked out of her hotel room and made some gift shop purchases, she was never to be seen again. Guests still report riding in the elevators with her ghost before she vanishes.

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