Heart Touching:

Boy after 3 years relation: I have
realized that I don’t love u…
Girl: what??!!!

Boy: yeah, and i don’t want to waste my
Lifetime with you
Girl: Don’t do this! Please don’t go!
Did I make any mistake?? Please tell

Boy: I want a break up!
Girl: I can’t live without you baby
Boy: But you have too! Good bye (Boy

That night the girl cried a Lot! But
still she decided to Move on..!

Her parents got her married to
another guy.. She pretended to be happy,
actually she wasn’t.. Even after her
that she cried every night for
him…. Hoping that one day, He
would come and will take her with
him..! But this never

2 years after her marriage, One day
her sister came to her and gave her
a letter from Him!

He had written-
“Baby, I am sorry i didn’t told you,
but i had never wanted you to cry!

I know you would not have bear this
pain! I was suffering from cancer! I
know you are still waiting for me..

But i will now never ever come to
hold you!

“Her sister told her ‘
He Died 2 years back…

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