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Hell is the symbol related to fear, guilt, sins and crime. The hell dreams are also associated with your past karmas and past memories which may be haunting you.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Most of the time, we are ourselves responsible for the miseries around us. In the rage of anger, we do not realize the number of people who are hurt by us. We must have also raised our hands on the little kids and spouse to release our frustration. All the memories of the past haunt us in the form of hell dreams.
To dream of hell means your inner soul is cursing you for the deeds you may have committed in your past. Hell dreams also signify darkness. This could be related to the evil thoughts you carry for someone and wish he could be in hell.
Most importantly, hell is a sign of danger! It warns you of the quarrels, arguments, fights or crime that may make you either a victim or a witness of the crime scene. It may also indicate that someone whom you know closely is in danger.

Most Common Hell Dreams:
• To Dream of Someone Burnt in Hell: To dream of someone burnt in the fire of hell, it is a sign of god’s temper. The deeds done by him will surely get the returns and this downfall may even risk the life of the person.
• To See Someone Familiar in Hell: To dream about someone close in hell is a sign of unfair relations with that person. Your ill feelings are raising ill thoughts about that person and you don’t care about her/him anymore. Keep your calm and do not involve yourself in any kind of debate or argument with this person. The best choice is to either stay away from him or sit down and clear the misunderstandings together.
• To See Ghosts in Hell: This dream indicates extreme sexual desires or uncontrollable pleasures within you. The ghosts are signs of your inner beast who is trying to come out and behave wild. Do some meditational course or distract yourself so that things can come down to control.

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