Here’s Why Our Soul Passes 84,00,000 Species To Get A Human Body!

Before we start this, we all should be aware that a soul never really dies. It only reaches the cycle of ‘Moksha’ after doing innumerable good deeds.


According to our ancestors and Bhagvad Gita, we humans do not get the human body so easily. Lord Krishna told Arjuna, the secret of human life and body. According to Krishna, Our soul has to pass through 84,00,000 species in order to get a human body to live. It is also said that sometimes a human has to be born as cockroaches, snakes, spiders, ant, sea creatures or even something that you might have not imagined. It is also a belief that a lot people hate some creatures because they have been the same in their past!
The human body is supposed to be achieved after a lot of good deeds and is above all. If we humans misuse the given privileges then we are given life in plant or animal kingdom again. A soul has to start again about the revolutionary process of life before we get another human life.
It is also said that human life is the last life that we humans get. According to a telugu proverb,

”yenno neechamaina janmala tarvata manishi janma labhistundi kanuka daanini sardhakata cheskovali.”


The above lines mean, ‘We got this human life after passing many other disrespectable life forms, so we should make use of this life by helping others’.

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