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Hippopotamus- Dreams Interpretation

hippopotamus dreams 02Hippopotamus dreams could be in relation with the physical weight, size or certain other behavioral characteristics. These dreams have a lot more to describe about your life.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

The dream of hippopotamus signifies lack of friendliness, stubbornness, crankiness and short temperament. Hippo dreams are also signs that reflect disinterest in someone’s betterment and well-being. Try to understand closely how you see the hippopotamus in your dream. It will help you to get closer to understand your dreams.hippopotamus dreams 01
In regard to the size of hippopotamus, your dream may give you a sign of a big event or a big change in your life. This could be monetary, work related or some personal matter. On the other hand, water is a peaceful element. Thus, a hippopotamus in water represents the control over your emotional disturbances.
Hippopotamus could be a warning sign of your obesity or overweight issues. Pay close attention to what you eat and avoid foods that will make you obese. Hippopotamus dreams may also indicate issues related to your health. A complete body checkup would be the best option to ensure that you are physically fit.hippopotamus dreams 04

Most Common Hippopotamus Dreams:
• Hippopotamus in Water: To dream of a hippopotamus in water indicates luxury and natural living. It is a sign of relaxed lifestyle that involves sleeping, eating and resting. Enjoy this phase of life as it comes very rarely.
• Aggressive Hippopotamus: This dream signifies anger or threat. Beware of someone with an aggressive nature. You must not get involved with someone who has feelings of revenge or jealousy about you. Get close to influential people around you. They will inspire you and motivate you, instead of humiliating you. Stay focused and alert from the people who like to hurt you.
• Training a Hippo: You are likely to get involved with a training course that will bring more confidence in you. Training a hippo is a tough job. Thus, the dream also denotes that you may come across stubborn people and it is only with your patience you will take control over challenging people and challenging situations.

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