WTF! These Horrifying Movies Have Actually Killed People In Real Life?

Movies – they have the power to change a person’s mindset of someone’s life in just a couple of hours. There are films that teach you lessons about life and make you feel good; there are films that show you the advancement of science and technology; there are films that make you laugh out loud and then there are films that scare the shit out of you.

How many times have you said to yourself ‘that was the scariest film I’ve ever watched’? How many times have you been scared to death after watching a film? How many times have you heaved a sigh of relief for walking out of the theatre alive after watching a horror film? Quite a lot?

If you have been one of those who has successfully walked out of a theatre after watching the scariest movies, then you truly are lucky. Because no person who enters the theatre knows what the future holds for them, and there have been people who have entered and had a ‘The End’ along with the film.

Here is a list of movies that literally SCARED PEOPLE TO DEATH:

The Conjuring 2, 2016

‘The Conjuring’ series undoubtedly makes its way to the list of scariest movies ever made in the history of cinema. Inspired by the real-life experiences of actual people, both the parts of this movie have made people’s blood run cold and have given them innumerable sleepless nights. A 65-year-old man complained of having chest pain while watching ‘The Conjuring 2’, however, was found dead when taken to the hospital.

Raju Gari Gadhi, 2015

Raju Gari Gadi is an Indian horror film based on the lives of seven reality TV show contestants who choose to spend one whole night in a haunted house. At the screening of the movie, a 55-year-old man in Hyderabad who tried twice to exit the theatre couldn’t bear the horror and was found dead in his seat by the end.

The Creeping Unknown, 1955

The Creeping Unknown, released in America in 1956, is the story of an astronaut who returns to Earth infected with an alien parasite that menaces to ruin all lives on the planet. The film came to be known in the history of horror movies when a 9-year-old lost his life at the screening at Illinois.

Aliens, 1986

Depsite not falling in the category of horror films, the movie Aliens ended up taking the life of a college student in India who apparently was on a horror movie marathon. During the movie marathon, when the student, M. Prabhakar, excused himself to use the washroom, he screamed and died of a shock soon after.

The Passion Of The Christ, 2014

The Passion of the Christ, a movie released in 2014, is one that has been directed on the life of Jesus and covers the last twelve hours of Jesus’s life. The film has been criticised and has received a lot of mixed reviews for showing extreme violence that literally made a 56-year-old Peggy Scott, suffer from a fatal heart attack. A month later, a similar accident occurred with Jose Geraldo Soares, a 41-year-old Brazilian pastor who had accompanied his wife to watch the movie.

Grand Masti, 2013

Horrifying? Yes! Definitely Grand Masti would fall into the list of most horrifying movies, but who could ever think of losing their life while watching this disaster? Unfortunately, one poor soul did. Mangesh Bhogal, a 22-year-old young boy, laughed so hard during the movie that it made him suffer a major stroke, which led to his death.

Well, all we have to say is, life is uncertain, live this moment. You never know what tomorrow holds for you, or if it even holds anything at all.

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