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Horse is the symbol of speed, honesty, race and competition. Many of your life’s situations and events are based on horse dreams.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Horses are domestic animals and thus, these are more a symbol of people’s domestic life. These animals release extreme energy and power while running. This is what your dream tries to depict in regard to your life’s race. The more you run, the more energy and power you need.
Taming a horse in dream is a sign of how beautifully and responsibly you manage your house affairs and the people in your house. This will return a lot of faithfulness and trust from your loved ones, who will never betray you. Be careful about the negative signs as well, related to horse dreams. To dream of a sick or unhealthy horse denotes unpleasant situations in life. This is also a sign that any of your family members will fall sick.
Color of the horse is one of the most important things to notice in dreams. Every color conveys a different meaning. For instance, a black horse conveys prosperity; however your family will not appreciate you for the path of this wealth chosen by you. On the other end, a white horse is the sign of peaceful married life.
v Most Common Horse Dreams:
• Horse Race: Horse race dreams are related to the current events of your life. These events maybe the race within you to win over others, the competition at work, the running emotions that you are going through and various other aspects related to your desires.
• Falling Off from the Horse: This dream could be a sign of an unexpected event or mishap. It is also an indication of a possible injury. Avoid getting into any rush and take smaller steps or else you may breakdown easily.
• Horse as a Pet: To keep horse as a pet in dream indicates responsibility. It shows your affectionate nature and concerns for others. The dream also signifies that a trustworthy love relation will blossom beautifully in the coming weeks. Cherish these close moments together.

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