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Can You Handle These hotties with Mustache? Hot Mustache Styles!

Being manly is the prerequisite of being attractive as a handsome and cool man. Beards and mustaches are two natural elements that can enhance the manliness of a person to a great degree. According to scientific research, women find guys with a stubble sexier than guys with a clean-shaven look. Besides, a man without any facial hair is considered a kid to the fellow men. A compatible mustache with a well-groomed beard can provide you with the best look that can turn the head of the people and make you a hottie easily. If you are wondering what mustache will help you get an impressive look, you can find the answer here right in this article.

Hot Mustache Styles to Impress the World

Everyone is a hottie at some points. It’s just about finding the right style that suits you. If you have a thick and healthy mustache, it will be wise to use the charm of your mustache to impress the one whom you are waiting for. Different types of mustaches will give you advantages to attract everyone around you. Learn the most trendy and sexy mustache available out there.

Mustache with a Stubble

Hot Mustache Styles

A stubble is the most attractive and desirable beard style to the beard enthusiasts. A mustache associated with a stubble beard will run the extra miles while making a good impression. You can handle any woman who comes across you by wearing a stubble with a simple mustache. This is suitable for a long face mainly. So, why waiting? Let’s find the best mustache style that suits you the most.

Handy Handlebar

Hot Mustache Styles

This is one of the most embraced mustache styles in recent years. This style is sexier than a random mustache. This type of mustache is voluminous enough in the middle and curled up at the edges. The hair of the marginal part of the mustache is guided upward by using a mustache wax or balm. The mustache altogether takes the shape of a handlebar and that’s why it is named after a handlebar. This will give a precise idea about you to the girls that you are taking good care of the mustache. And everyone like those hotties who are conscious about their outlook. So, grab this style if you want to handle some style.

Fu Manchu

Hot Mustache Styles

This mustache style derived from a fictional character that was written by British/Irish writer Sax Rohmer. A Fu Manchu mustache is actually a straight and full mustache that starts growing from the corner of the lips and grows downward going past the jawline. This is an intense look. Not everyone will like this style. But there are some people who love extreme styles. They will surely go nuts for you. This style suits the round faces the most.

Chevron Mustache

Hot Mustache Styles

Chevron mustache is one of the conventional mustaches that have been worn by the guys from the very beginning of mustache styles. This style is very simple. Let your mustache grow fully covering the place between the nose and upper lip. Then trim anything that grows past the usual area of the mustache. Different celebrities have this type of mustache and they are rocking this style like a boss. If you want to get a place among the hotties, you can try this mustache for sure.

Pencil Mustache

Hot Mustache Styles

As the name suggests, this is a mustache that resembles a line drawn with a pencil. This thin and distinct line of mustache will add style to your personality. It needs a great deal of time and expertise to don a mustache like this one. Everyone will be impressed by the cleaner edges of these mustaches.

Mustache with a Soul Patch

Hot Mustache Styles

A soul patch is one of the most noticeable beard styles. This beard is small in size but can affect one’s look greatly. And a mustache along with a soul patch can make you look both desirable and manly. If you want to have a distinct style of your own, soul patch with a mustache could be a great choice. A long face is compatible with this kind of mustache.

Mustache with a Goatee

Hot Mustache Styles

A goatee beard is a prominent beard style that goes perfectly with a stylish guy who knows how to handle it with great excellence. But, one must be very careful about the mustache he is having while carrying it along with a goatee beard. The mustache should grow in such a way so that it touches the beard smoothly without any deviation. Otherwise, the total look will be ruined and this will do no good to the bearded look.

No matter what you are having either a mustache or a beard, you must take good care of them to get the best impact of the facial hair. An unkempt beard or mustache will make a bad impression about you and that will cause a great damage to your personality. So, use beard oil, beard balm, wax etc to guide the styling to get a well-groomed look.

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